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5 Benefits of Maximizing Workforce Management with Quality Management

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Are you really getting a full picture of what your customers experience? It’s all too easy to unintentionally damage the coveted customer experience (CX) if you use incomplete data to make decisions that impact your contact center’s quality of service. With consumers coming to agents for more complex issues, they are far less forgiving if they find their paths to resolution blocked by incompetent agents.

That’s why the contact centers that deliver the best omnichannel CX are the ones that augment Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) with Calabrio Quality Management. WFM is good at quantifying cost efficiency opportunities, but not as good at understanding the quality of service provided to customers. To become a world-class contact center, you need a full picture of the interactions between your agents and customers. This powerful duo gives CX leaders the greater insight you need to better balance service quality against costs—all while decreasing attrition.

Attend this webinar to find out:

  • Why even the best WFM systems can’t give you holistic, data-driven insight into all customer/agent interactions
  • What only Calabrio Quality Management can do for your Calabrio ONE-powered WFM
  • Five ways you can improve your CX and decrease agent attrition by pairing Calabrio QM with Calabrio WFM

Register today to discover the benefits of maximizing workforce management with quality management for better-trained, more engaged agents who can emerge as true brand guardians for your business.

Jennifer Docken,

Product Marketing Manager, Calabrio

Jennifer Docken joined Calabrio’s product marketing team as the QM Product Marketing Manager in 2021. She is an experienced B2B marketer and brings with her 10+ years of marketing experience across multiple industries.  She is innovated minded with a strong drive to understand customer constraints and how to break down barriers. She strives to better understand the pressures put on the modern Contact Center and how to drive customer satisfaction and agent engagement. She has added the analytics product line under her jurisdiction, which just makes sense. QM and Analytics goes hand in hand like, peanut butter and Jelly. She is looking forward to bringing all the cool things to market that are in the roadmap for both QM and Analytics.

Florian Garnier,

Product Marketing Manager WFM, Calabrio

As the Product Marketing Manager for WFM at Calabrio, Florian matches extensive experience in the contact center space with a unique bilingual worldview that gives a distinctive take on contact center challenges and technology. A contact center veteran with years of experience helming WFM teams, Florian loves to share his knowledge with other CX professionals. He can often be found walking the beach with his family hunting shells, playing guitar, or even flying the occasional airplane, but his inspiration is found in his wife and daughter. A quick “Bonjour!” to Florian will have him reminiscing of his Mother’s French cuisine.


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