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2018 CCW Market Study: Performance & Metrics

New Research on How to Create a “Performance Culture” in the Contact Center

It’s easy to identify a high performing contact center. Look for customers who get the help they need in a timely manner, agents who are engaged in their jobs and managers who are leveraging the insights gathered in the contact center to operate more efficiently and serve customers better.

Yet – even though we know what makes a great contact center—it can be hard to know what it takes to get there.

In the 2018 CCW Market Study: Performance & Metrics, CCW Digital surveyed customer experience, contact center, marketing, customer care, IT, and operations professionals about what they are doing to achieve their contact center performance goals—and the challenges they face along the way.

Read the report to learn:

  • Which performance metrics are prioritized by today’s contact centers—and which key measurements are often overlooked
  • Where to find the common performance bottlenecks that increase agent turnover and hurt customer experience
  • Why reducing customer effort is this year’s #1 customer experience objective and how contact center leaders plan to achieve this goal
  • How automation and artificial intelligence can help improve performance in your contact center

You’ll also receive a Practicality Guide with customer experience case studies, expert tips and practical exercises that you can use to improve performance in your contact center.

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