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Calabrio and UJET Are Developing Modern, Digital-First Customer Interactions With A
Human-Centric Approach

UJET and Calabrio Combine to Modernize Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions

Combined, UJET’s modern cloud contact center and Calabrio’s leading workforce and customer engagement solutions are transforming the customer experience. UJET and Calabrio offer the integration the market has been waiting for – a contact center that is digital-first and human-centric. A deep cloud-to-cloud integration between the platforms addresses the need for contact centers to rapidly deploy, modernize and decentralize customer support operations.

Both UJET and Calabrio bring a streamlined approach to managing contact center operations, resulting in unified enterprise brand experiences across sales, marketing, and support. Eliminate consumer’s frustration of switching between various channels – voice, digital and self-service. Empower agents to provide best-in-class customer experiences by providing them the tools they need for first-call resolution.


Increase Operational Efficiency with Calabrio ONE

Enable your agents to work smarter—and your contact center operate more efficiently. Maintain high levels of customer service and keep costs low by better identifying how many agents you’ll need. More accurately schedule agents on all customer communication channels; phone, email, chat based on past call volumes and trends.

Improve the Customer Experience with Calabrio ONE

Deliver a higher-quality, more consistent customer experience across every channel.
Know what happens in every customer interaction with 100% call recording and capture.
Quickly identify the need for targeted agent training and provide one-on-one coaching with flexible evaluation forms.

Discover the Voice of Your Customer with Calabrio ONE

Why rely on surveys to find out what your customers really want?
Make better, faster, data-driven decisions by understanding all customer interactions.
Accelerate sales, manage risk and enhance customer engagement with analytics that can help you uncover insights directly from customers.

Why Pair Calabrio and UJET Together?

Drive Efficiency & Automation

Within the UJET platform, organizations will automate otherwise manual and clunky processes of verifying identity, receiving photos and videos so customers can point to the problem rather than describe it, and processing payments efficiently and securely. With Calabrio’s powerful Workforce Management solutions, ensure that your customers are reaching the right agent with the right skill set, at the right time and on the right platform. The emphasis of automation within UJET and Calabrio guarantee organizations can spend more time focusing on the customer, and less time managing tedious processes and workflows.

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Ultra-Modern Enterprise Cloud

Scalability is essential for the world’s largest cloud contact centers. With UJET and Calabrio’s tightly integrated cloud infrastructure, organizations can leverage the freedom to scale with their unique business needs. Resolve the majority of compliance and data sovereignty issues by eliminating redundant storage of personal identification information, call recordings, and more. Deliver a best-in-class, in-region calling experience at scale.

eliminate data silos

Intelligent Customer Experiences

When combined, UJET and Calabrio bring rich data to agents and supervisors from the entire customer interaction. Before a customer reaches a UJET agent, UJET’s predictive routing engine is gathering both intent and contextual data, providing the assigned agent deep insight into why the customer is contacting the organization along with a snapshot of past interactions. That agent’s supervisor can easily drill down into each one of these interactions with Calabrio to extract trends, ensure compliance and monitor marketing campaigns.
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The power of UJET and Calabrio

Agent & Customer Empowerment

Calabrio and UJET both place emphasis on empowering agents and their customers. Great interactions occur when an agent has the skills and information needed to resolve an inquiry, and when the customer is empowered to show – not just tell – an agent what they’re experiencing.

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Practical AI

AI is embedded at the core of UJET and Calabrio platforms. There’s data-driven decisions being automated from pre-interaction context, intent gathering, and predictive routing to post-call evaluations, speech and desktop analytics, and advanced business intelligence reporting.

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Agility and speed are now essential for contact centers with the evolving remote workforce. Navigate unforeseen or seasonal needs by quickly deploying or scaling your cloud contact center with UJET and Calabrio.

Eliminate Data Silos

Gain true visibility into your customer experiences and contact center interactions with access to all of your data, from any channel. Contextualize interactions and drive your business forward.

Calabrio & UJET Travel Well Together

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Industries Served

Calabrio and UJET serve all industries and has been commonly utilized in:

  • On-demand Consumer Services
  • Retail
  • IoT
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare

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