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Calabrio Workforce Management is the best solution in the market to provide a fast, sustained ROI. Forecasting, Scheduling and Intraday Management are an excellent start, offering simplicity and power for new and experienced WFM professionals alike. Now it’s just as easy to take your contact center to the next level with Calabrio Advanced Workforce Management. Empower your agents. Give your leaders the vision they need to plan for the future. Here’s how.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning uses historical data to create long-range Strategic Staffing Forecasts used by analyst to accurately plan staffing requirements, facilities inventory, staffing and capital budget estimates, as well as hiring plans necessary to meet the established business services metrics across the contact center. With these Strategic Resources, analysts are able to generate highly accurate planning reports for up to five years in the future with resource allocation and projected costs.
• Hiring plans
• Capacity Plans
• Budgetary plans

Vacation Planning
Vacation Planning includes a set of tools that can be used to manage the vacation process in the contact center. Included in the tool set is the ability to integrate with a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to streamline and synchronize time-off accrual and vacation allotments to further refine and plan the number of agents allowed to take time-off on any given day. A request and approval process for agents who want time-off provide management key information needed to needed to effectively evaluate their request.
• Track usage by hours vs. days.
• Schedule can set vacation allotments by day.
• Enable import of entitlements and export usage with external HRMS.
• Calendar view of allotments and availability.

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