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Calabrio Call Recording

Call Recording Software Designed for the Digital Business

Calabrio Call Recording

Call Recording Software Designed for the Digital Business

Capture Every Voice.
Make Every Interaction Count.

Record every call, every time and transform customer interactions into a trove of highly usable data. Guarantee 100% capture and simplify compliance. Quickly search hundreds of hours of calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risk. Connect the voice of your customer with key goals across
the business.

Capture 100% of Calls

All calls, all the time. Never miss a call. Don’t let customer interaction data slip through the cracks. Ensure you’re seeing the full picture of your customers and your contact center operations.


Stay ahead of technical issues—minimize downtime. Put an invaluable safety net in place. Automatically monitor call center infrastructure. Get instant alerts to potential issues. Address problems before you end up missing a call.

organize data

Find the Needle in the Haystack—Quickly

Automatically organize call data. Turn mountains of call data into neatly categorized information. Powerful metadata tagging capabilities automatically identify and organize call data.


Search for exactly what you need. Create advanced, precise queries. Quickly sift through hundreds of thousands of interactions. Play back relevant recordings and find what you need.

protect data

Protect Your Data—and Your Business

Securely store your customer interaction data. Capture, compress, encrypt and store each call using AES-128-CBC encryption. Restrict playback access. Lock out cyber attacks and meet data security regulations.


Simplify compliance. Meet strict call recording and contact center regulations—from HIPAA guidelines to payment card security standards (PCI) and more.


Prove adherence and defend against litigation risk. Prove adherence. Settle disputes in the contact center and across the business. Do it with 100% certainty.

Build the Foundation of a
Modern Contact Center—with Analytics

Enable powerful analytics capabilities. Connect call data with advanced analytics tools. Extract predictive and prescriptive insights. Uncover the value in every customer interaction.


Empower customer-centric business strategies. Harness the voice of the customer. Share contact center insights across the organization. Create customer-centric strategies to increase operational efficiency, accelerate sales and drive revenue.

foundation for modern contact center

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of capture and recording capabilities.



Increasing efficiencies and meeting client needs in a distributed, virtual call center environment.

“We now have reliable call recording, which results in fewer IT tickets and happier contact center managers.”

Tom McEnteggart
– Support Analyst, Housing Solutions, UK

Call Recording
Product Demo

See Calabrio’s robust
recording solution in action.

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