Calabrio Customer Connect: Analytics Use Cases Competition

Your Calabrio Analytics project can win big!

Win money for your contact center by showcasing your Calabrio Analytics project.

In 2019, Calabrio hosted its first-ever analytics competition, rewarding customers using Calabrio Analytics with cold hard cash for turning data into actionable insights and tangible results.

We’re so proud of our 2019 Analytics Competition finalists, we had to write a book about it! An Ebook that is. Check out the analytics success stories featuring Calabrio customers Radial, Superior Propane and Bluegrass Cellular. Want to win money for YOUR contact center? We’ve officially opened submissions for the 2020 Calabrio Analytics Competition and all customers around the globe are invited to participate!

Let’s Do This Again
Once again, we’re challenging our customers to use Calabrio Analytics to dig into voice-of-the-customer intelligence to drive real insights into their organization and produce improved metrics around ROI and customer satisfaction. If you’re one of our winners, we’ll celebrate your ingenuity and business results by giving you up to $50,000 in prize money for your contact center.

Contest Details

Contest Categories

What kind of projects are we looking for? We want to see how you’re using Calabrio Analytics to drive results around customer satisfaction, employee engagement and impact to the enterprise. Your project might focus on:

Desktop Analytics – In this category, we’re looking for projects using desktop analytics to track agent desktop activity with the goal of increasing effectiveness—improving processes, tools, training programs, and/or the agent and customer experience.

Speech Analytics – We want to see projects using speech analytics to uncover insights from their calls, such as the top reasons customers call, which agents need coaching, and why agents put people on hold.

Text Analytics – We want to see projects using text analytics to extract insights from emails, chats, social media, surveys and other text-based customer interactions


Customer satisfaction impact – Identifying customer friction points, anticipating needs, driving consistent experience across customer channels.
METRICS: Winner shows real-world business impact/results on driving positive customer satisfaction.

Employee engagement impact – Show agents how they measure up, delivering real-time feedback and engaging them in their work.
METRICS: Winner demonstrates how Calabrio Analytics impacted retention numbers, employee satisfaction numbers leading to customer satisfaction increases, etc.

Enterprise impact – Driving compliance, promoting new revenue by identifying unmet needs, identifying cumbersome processes, stumbling upon serendipitous discoveries.
METRICS: Winner finds areas outside of the contact center that were impacted by analytics-driven insights/findings. Things like marketing campaign effectiveness, sales opportunities, risk avoidance, etc.

How Do Customers Participate?

If you’d like to participate, submit a proposal, outlining the problem or opportunity you’d like to tackle using Calabrio Analytics and the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve. The next step will be to join a kickoff call with members of the Calabrio team. We’ll chat about your project scope and methodology and answer any questions you may have. As your project progresses, periodic calls will be scheduled to check in on your progress.

Who Can Participate?

This competition is open to Calabrio customers worldwide using Analytics in their contact center. Proposals must be received by June 1, 2020.

How Are Winners Determined?

In August, a group of customers will be selected to present their projects to an objective panel of Calabrio employees and industry experts. Finalists will be selected based on how well their project showcases Calabrio Analytics, the impact of the results realized and their willingness to present their project to their peers, on stage at Calabrio Customer Connect in Minneapolis in October. Finalists will be notified of their selection by September 18, 2020.


The customers presenting the most impressive projects will win big! Three finalists will receive FREE passes to Calabrio Customer Connect in Minneapolis to present their findings and up to $50,000 for their contact centers. Winners will be announced at the conference.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Terms & Conditions*

*By participating, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the competition, and you agree to accept the decisions of Calabrio as final and binding as it relates to this competition. The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Your organization may have corporate code of conduct that prohibits the acceptance of cash or cash-equivalent prizes on behalf of the company and, in all such instances, Calabrio will work with participants to ensure an alternative prize is available, either in the form of product licenses, managed services, or otherwise.

Regardless of whether you are a finalist presenting at Calabrio Customer Connect, Calabrio will request you to discuss the results of your project in a case study, media interview, and/or reference call. Calabrio will not share or disclose results of your projects without your consent.


You agree to adhere to all state and federal laws, rules, and regulations while participating in this competition. You agree to indemnify and hold Calabrio harmless from any and all loss, damage, or legal liability associated with your participation in the competition.

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