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Calabrio ONE Mobile App

Workforce Management from the Palm of Your Hand


View your schedule on your terms. Access info whenever you want.


Whether at work or home, Calabrio WFM allows agents to stay informed of their upcoming scheduling


Make schedule requests, such as PTO, OT/VTO, from their mobile devices.


The Calabrio ONE Mobile app allows for frictionless mobile employee management. Employees can access their schedule information when and how they want from the palm of their hand.

Snapshot of the Calabrio ONE Mobile App

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Easy to Deploy

The Calabrio ONE app and portal operates via standard web-based technologies, rolled out by simple configurations, all while maintaining high security levels. No stress.

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iOS and Android Compatible

The Calabrio ONE app can be accessed almost anywhere via mobile apps (iOS/Android) or any web-based device.

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Mobile-optimized Desktop Version

Responsive web site design allows for mobile-friendly access for any web-based device.

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Full Schedule Visibility

Ensure schedule information is up to date and synchronized so that everyone is working with one common picture of the contact center operations, whether an agent, manager or planner.

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Schedule Requests

Agents can request time off, sign up for OT/VTO with the user-friendly interface that can instantly notify them when/if a change occurs ensuring everyone is in the know.

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Automatic Updates

The Calabrio ONE app can be set to update automatically within either app store as new releases are announced.

Future Functionality

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Efficient Communications

Streamline communication with your team to ensure everyone is in the know and up to speed. Quickly send messages through the app.

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Access to PTO Management

Easily review and approve time off requests from app.

Simplifying the Contact Center

How does the Calabrio One app make life easier for contact center managers?

Many workforces are driven by younger generations who value mobility and self-service, especially from their phone or tablet. Contact center managers need an effective mobile application where they can view their schedule from anywhere and make changes if necessary.

The Calabrio ONE Mobile app allows employees to access their schedule information from anywhere, ensuring they have the most up to date schedule information. The mobile app also provides organizations with a powerful tool to make the transition to a more flexible scheduling environment which is valued by younger workforces.

How does the Calabrio One app make life easier for workforce managers and analysts?

Workforce managers need a better process to communicate with agents about events impacting their schedule. This could be everything from intraday events—such as working overtime or voluntary time off—to notifying employees about weather related events such as snowstorms that would impact their ability to safely come to work.

Keep employees informed of future schedules and up to speed with significant schedule changes with text communication through the app. In the coming months, schedule changes can be automatically sent within the app making communication efficient whether employees are at work or at home.

Analysts, supervisors, or team leads will also be able to manually approve schedule requests from the Calabrio ONE app.

How does the Calabrio One app make life easier for agents and employees?

Agents may welcome the ability to monitor their schedules and make schedule requests from their mobile phones.

Agents or employees can monitor their schedule anytime or anywhere with the Calabrio ONE Mobile App. Agents will have variety of self-service options, such as making time off requests or submitting a request to work overtime or take voluntary time-off.

Later in 2020, they will be able to also receive messages pertaining to their schedule or other events.

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