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Managed Services

Maximum Value—Minimum Burden

Contact center budgets are stretched thin. Core teams are already consumed with day-to-day operations challenges. You know there’s value in your customer interaction data—but it can be a struggle to find the resources to fully leverage those insights. Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) and Analytics Managed Services solve this challenge by managing these technologies on your behalf—maximizing the value of Calabrio technologies while minimizing your burden.

tools that work for you

Make the Tools Work for You—Not the Other Way Around

Let our experts digest and distill your WFM and voice-of-the-customer data. We deliver the actionable insights. You focus on delivering new value to your customers and your business.

An Immediate Value and an Ongoing Advantage

Calabrio Managed Services enable businesses to quickly realize value from Calabrio WFM and Analytics solutions—and gives the organization ongoing access to the latest expertise to provide a powerful business advantage.

Focus On Your Strengths

Calabrio experts take on the heavy lifting of managing WFM and Analytics solutions, so your team can focus on what you do best.

Customize to Fit Your Team Needs

Decide which services to offload to Calabrio experts—and which ones to keep internally.

Reduce Overhead

Let Calabrio carry the costs of staff training and benefits.

Skip the Hiring & Training Hassle

Calabrio staff deliver deep WFM and analytics expertise from day one.

Get Guaranteed Reliability

No need to worry about scheduling, absence or turnover. Calabrio experts are your most reliable team members.

Access Leading-Edge Skills & Best Practices

Calabrio experts remain at the forefront of innovative contact center strategies, constantly hone new skills and consistently bring fresh ideas and insights to your business.

Managed WFM Services

Tiered service to fit your needs.



Business Discovery

In-depth analysis of business environment and processes to identify unique business needs and opportunities that can be addressed through targeted WFM.


Forecast Analyst

Generates volume forecasts based on advanced analysis of historical data, manages ad hoc ‘What If’ requests and delivers forecast accuracy reports.


Reporting Analyst

Develops and delivers reports and in-depth analysis of contact center performance and offers practical action plans.


Intraday Coaching

Provides real-time feedback on staffing performance to ensure service levels are met and resources optimally used.



Scheduling Analyst

Consultative support provides options and solutions to help balance staff requirements and preferences with business and service-level goals.


System Administrator

Configures the WFM application and builds settings to fit customized key performance indicators.

Additional Offerings


Ad Hoc Requests

Fully customized and on-demand investigation and recommendations for business needs outside typical WFM activities.

Managed Analytics Services

An expert partnership to drive your analytics engine.


Business Objectives Review

– Monthly

Monthly in-depth review to identify and prioritize key objectives in the contact center and across the business.


New Business Initiatives

– Monthly

Focusing on a unique business initiative each month to drive discovery and growth.


Analytics Phrase Tuning

– Weekly

Developing, testing and refining phrases to enable an agile-yet-targeted analytics strategy.


Configure Customer Analytics Dashboards

– Monthly

Building intuitive dashboards that display your most relevant metrics, trends and patterns.


Analytics Findings Report and Business Results Review

– Monthly

Highlighting documented trends and interactions of interest, assessing impacts on defined business goals and providing recommended actions based on leading best practices.


Health Checks

– Annually

Reviewing and adjusting your overall analytics strategies and initiatives as your customers and business evolve.

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