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AmplifAI Next Gen Performance Management

Many operations are still leaning on leaders to continuously dig through data to discover out how to improve frontline performance and are ultimately left wondering if they were effective. Now they don’t have to. AmplifAI’s AI-Powered Personas uncover the data-driven actions, behaviors and insights associated with high performing associates, and distributes them straight to the frontline. The Adaptive Personas create a sustainable, efficient process for Effective Performance Management that capitalizes on the people and technology that enterprises rely on.


AmplifAI’s Next-Gen Performance Management Platform integrates every contact center data source and applies AI that learns from high performing frontline agents and leaders, understands their behaviors and best practices and delivers personalized actions to employees, creating an effective, efficient operation where every individual and team is driven to replicate high performers.

This process drives a sustainable and consistent employee improvement model that allows for faster speed to proficiency and improved performance across the operation, resulting in improved productivity, sales, and customer experience. Focused, engaged frontline teams start every day connected to the personalized data, actions and behaviors that enable world-class sales and service – pushing them towards excellence and away from the exit. Frontline leaders are supercharged by data-driven actions that guide their teams towards optimal performance. And frontline teams are powered towards high performance using Adaptive Personas that model your operations top frontline associates and managers – revealing the winning actions, behaviors and patterns hidden in your operational big data./p pAs associates, leaders and teams achieve higher sales, better service, and offer superior experiences, their winning actions are shared across the enterprise – scaling the positive impact experienced by high performing teams.


Enterprise Data Integration:

  • Integrate data from multiple data sources via existing Data Lake or connectors to platforms such as Calabrio, Avaya, NICE, CRM etc.
  • Automated on-going data exchange at specified interval per data point (real-time to end of day)
  • Data is integrated with rosters and kept daily such that all agents and supervisors have historical representation of reporting and performance relationships over the last 24 months

Data-Driven Recommendations System:

  • Recommendations based on structured and unstructured data automate and prioritize actions for Supervisors to coach and recognize Agent performance
  • Automated development of high performer digital representation of a customizable group by metric (e.g. top 10%, 20% etc)
  • Digital Representations of top performers can be built on data from various timeframes (Previous Week, Month, Quarter, Year)
  • Smart Goals are developed for each agent depending on performance to target an achievable goal within set period of time and added to recommendation
  • Actions are tracked to verify performance improvement at the metric and sub metric level such that as the data set is built, future actions will prioritize actions proven to improve agents in a shorter timeframe over longer timeframe actions.
  • Integration with Call Routing can drive calls, emails, chats to the appropriate high performers based on predictive analytics

Coaching Workflow Effectiveness:

  • Coaching actions created via the recommendations engine are tracked via an embedded workflow. Eg: If agents improve, they are recognized; if they do not improve follow up actions for the same metrics and behaviors are automatically created
  • Coaching forms are custom-configured by client and line of business to map to desired methods, behaviors, root causes, etc.
  • System generates personalized coaching actions for each agent prioritized based on an overall balanced scorecard
  • Coaching actions and tasks focus on improving highest weighted KPIs in balanced scorecard based on weighting
  • Coaching Effectiveness scores and ranks are automatically generated per manager based on whether agents improve or not. Coaching effectiveness can be viewed and actioned at supervisor, site, and behavior level to help support both coaching development and micro learning support
  • Coaching sessions can be voice recorded such that agents, supervisors and operations leaders can listen to previous coaching sessions and develop plans for improving the coaching process

Analytics and Visualizations:

  • Role-based application provides personalized views and analytics for agents, front line managers, operations leaders and executives. Role based views focus each role on the performance and actions under their control to drive improvements
  • Task Manager with system generated and prioritized coaching, follow up and recognition tasks
  • Managers can see how they rank on an overall balanced scorecard as well as any performance incentives / gamification status for themselves of their teams. System can recommend recorded coaching sessions based on high performing coach recording to managers struggling to coach a specific behavior
  • 4 quadrant visualization correlates coaching effectiveness and coaching frequency by supervisor/manager, with ability to deep dive into specific managers to see how individual agents are performing (leading indicator of risk of attrition)
  • Time based agent distribution analysis provides a visualization of agent performance in a bell curve view, displaying performance and actions to improve performance across the agent population, validating actions that drive improvement


  • Balanced Scorecards highlight team and individual performance by aggregating performance across key KPIs into a single score
  • Incentives / commissions / bonuses / points / badges available and visualized for each person


  • Ability to connect short form content to data, metrics and behaviors and allow the system to push relevant content to agents based on their personal need
  • Integration with LMS to connect LMS hosted content to specific metrics and behaviors
  • Content can be pushed to an agent dashboard based on data driven recommendations with nudges and notifications reminders to view content
  • System generated algorithm calculates and displays a rating based on how effective the Micro-Learning was in improving performance of the agent so we can identify content that helps people improve

Quality Workflow:

  • Built in end-to end Quality Evaluation workflow
  • Evaluation Summary Dashboard provides QAs, Supervisors, and leaders visibility into every Evaluation completed
  • Coaching action can be driven off specific items in the Quality interaction. Ability to have escalations and automatic disqualifiers and allow agents to dispute an interaction

Machine Learning / AI Capabilities:

  • AI/ML/Statistical tools to predict future performance and understanding correlations between various KPIs and performance distributions
  • Predict future performance for every KPI for agents, team leaders and overall program level
  • Create automated goals for every agent and team leader based on actions taken


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Version: V1
Updated: 09/07/2021


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