Calabrio Announces Winners of ONE Awards and Analytics Competition at Global Conference | Calabrio

Calabrio Announces Winners of ONE Awards and Analytics Competition at Global Conference

Calabrio Announces Winners of ONE Awards and Analytics Competition at Global Conference

Winners demonstrate the power of Calabrio solutions to increase employee and customer engagement, and enrich human interactions

San Antonio, TX — October 15, 2019 — Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company, announced the winners of the third annual ONE Awards and first-ever analytics competition during its annual customer conference, Calabrio Customer Connect (C3).

The ONE Awards recognize high-achieving companies using Calabrio to drive the future of customer and workforce engagement management. This year introduced a new category, “The Humanizer,” which recognizes Calabrio’s most recent customers since acquiring Teleopti in June of 2019, and highlights the importance of elevating the human connection in customer experience. The ONE Awards were presented to Calabrio customers that are leveraging the power of Calabrio ONE to enable their contact centers to meet soaring customer and workforce demands, and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Calabrio also announced the winners of its analytics competition which launched at last year’s C3 conference. This competition celebrates companies using Calabrio Analytics to turn contact center data into compelling insights to drive innovation in their organizations. Calabrio challenged customers to dig into voice-of-the-customer intelligence to improve metrics around ROI and customer satisfaction. Analytics competition winners were selected from an impressive field of customer applicants, and will share $100,000 in prize money for their contact centers.

“Our winners have transformed their contact centers by leveraging powerful customer insights to empower their agents, create unparalleled customer journeys and streamline their operations,” said Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO at Calabrio. “As the contact center increasingly serves as the heart and soul of the customer experience, these companies are models for how an organization can elevate the role of contact center agents to drive more ‘human’ human interactions and deeper engagement, and we are thrilled to acknowledge the success of their efforts at C3.”


The Leader – Idaho Central Credit Union
Idaho Central wants every agent to love what they do, so it continuously improves frontline engagement and performance, creating a modern culture that encourages empowerment—all backed by an integrated workforce management technology platform from Calabrio. Idaho Central’s engagement strategy includes rewarding top agents by letting them select their own schedules and inviting agent representatives from each team to weigh in on important decisions, such as adherence goals, uses of gamification and scheduling policies. Idaho Central’s strategy has been very successful with more than half of its agents maintaining a perfect attendance record.

The Engager – Blue Ridge
Thanks to Calabrio, Blue Ridge has been able to utilize accurate forecasting and proactive scheduling to ensure agents are always there for customers. The technology has also enabled Blue Ridge to expand its online customer support capabilities, providing a quality interaction with customers using their preferred method of contact: chat, email or social media. As a result, customers report being happier overall.

The Optimizer – Alliant Energy
Since implementing Calabrio, Alliant Energy has transitioned to a largely self-service model for workforce management (WFM), empowering agents and giving them a greater stake in ASA achievement, and saving on both CSA and WFM labor. For example, the company has been able to cut emails to the shared inbox by approximately 75 percent and optimize WFM staffing by 50 percent. 

The Globetrotter – Getronics

Following the acquisition of Pomeroy (now Getronics USA), Getronics, which has used Calabrio solutions for 10 years and is implementing Calabrio Analytics, decided to standardize all global on-premises workforce optimization (WFO) operations on Calabrio ONE. The move enables Getronics to combine all WFO information, creating a single point of access for all users, and provides updated functionality to its teams. It also reduces the time and cost required to manage and update its global hardware infrastructure.

The Humanizer – Shopify

Calabrio enables Shopify to empower cultural nuances of its global workforce with added flexibility, such as varying vacation budgets based on location and season. Shopify gives leads the ability to manually adjust schedules to add things like 1:1s and team meetings. They also use the tool to schedule tasks and trainings outside of an individual employee’s specialties to expertise in other disciplines.

The Integrator – Exact Sciences

Exact Sciences has integrated the entire Calabrio product suite, including Calabrio Advanced Reporting, with Five9. The company also has a planned integration with Epic software. This modern approach to integration has enabled Exact Sciences to leverage Calabrio to deliver the right number of agents at the right time—down to half-hour increments—ensuring proper coverage for its 24/7 contact center operation.

The Trailblazer – Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. has successfully migrated 100 percent of its Calabrio deployment to the cloud and is expanding the technology across all three levels of Cummins Care Cummins Inc. continues to look for ways to leverage Calabrio to forecast beyond the contact center, extending to forecasting needs of their technicians in the field.

The Champion – Caryn Yurkstas, Paychex, Inc.

Caryn Yurkstas, a true champion of Calabrio, is the resident Calabrio expert at Paychex and collaborates closely with other areas to implement impactful WFM strategies. A Calabrio educator and coach, her on-demand agent training curriculum enables project managers with no previous WFM experience to be up and running on Calabrio in just two weeks. She hosts monthly meetings for analysts and WFM managers, and is an active member of the Calabrio Champions Network, regularly responding to questions posed by other Calabrio users.



Grand Prize Winner – Radial, a bpost company

Using Calabrio Analytics and Sentiment Analysis, Radial identified phrases for and tuned two customer advocacy categories: “advocacy” and “powerless to help.” Based on the results of an assessment, Radial split agents into natural advocates (as a control group), and non-natural advocates (as a test group), then provided sentiment coaching to increase the use of “advocacy” language and reduce the use of “powerless to help” language. As a result, Radial saw dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and metrics related to customer perceptions, such as rep knowledge and rep demeanor. The biggest impact was a three percent improvement in first contact resolution. Radial anticipates material savings this year based on reducing repeat calls and hitting customer metric targets.

Runner Up – Superior Propane

Leveraging Calabrio Analytics, Superior Propane identified key phrases related to customer retention and categorized them into Competitive Switch, Service Barriers, VOC Schedule, Cancellation and Anger/Frustration. This enabled the company to identify and fix specific process challenges in each area. Calabrio desktop analytics also provided insight into the cause of long average handle times (AHT). The insights from this desktop analysis are being integrated into agent coaching methods, while also being used to refine processes to reduce this key performance indicator long term.

Runner Up – Bluegrass Cellular

Bluegrass Cellular utilized Calabrio Analytics to uncover that many of the calls received by Level 2 Technical Support could have been handled by its retail or customer service teams, freeing the Level 2 team for escalated customer concerns. While the initial goal of the project was to reduce the calls to Level 2 Technical Support by 10 percent and decrease operational expenses, the use of Calabrio speech analytics led to an impressive 14 percent reduction in Level 2 calls and identified additional significant savings.

About Calabrio Customer Connect
Calabrio Customer Connect is Calabrio’s annual two-and-a-half day user conference, where hundreds of customer engagement, analytics, workforce and quality professionals learn about the state of their industries, attend dozens of breakout sessions and roundtable discussions delivered by expert practitioners, and share best practices and lessons learned with peers. Calabrio Customer Connect is the perfect opportunity to understand the challenges of managing a growing contact center, find solutions for increasing customer and employee engagement, discover the value of humanizing the workplace, and see the latest voice-of-the-customer innovations driving contact centers today.

About Calabrio

Calabrio is the customer experience intelligence company that empowers organizations to enrich human interactions. Through AI-driven analytics, Calabrio uncovers customer behavior and sentiment, and derives compelling insights from the contact center. Organizations choose Calabrio for its ability to understand customer needs and the overall experience it provides, from implementation to ongoing support. Find more at and follow @Calabrio on Twitter.

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