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Introducing Enterprise CXI

Connect and elevate the modern enterprise with voice of the customer business intelligence

The contact center is the foundation for customer-centric
business intelligence (bi) for the modern enterprise

The business landscape is evolving rapidly, led by changing customer needs and expectations.  Making the contact center the heart of a BI platform enables the voice-of-the-customer (VoC) to be the true engine driving BI insights across the connected enterprise. But how do you get started?  

Enterprise Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI) is a complimentary solution included with Calabrio Advanced Reporting that provides a quick-start approach to BI for the modern enterprise. Comprehensive, built-in dashboards deliver value on day one to stakeholders across the enterprise with actionable insights from Calabrio ONE data on topics that matter most – brand awareness, competitive positioning, customer effort, sales acceleration and more.  Continue your connected VoC journey with expert-designed inspiration on how to incorporate third-party data.

Experience Enterprise CXI in Action


9 Ways to Connect the Enterprise with VoC Insights

Join this free live event where CX and Marketing Evangelist, Katie Martell, and Calabrio’s Manager of BI Initiatives, Mary Moilanen, look at how the contact center’s VoC insights can be applied in strategic, immediate ways across other functions. Walk away with ideas on how to elevate the contact center to a strategic partner.

Enterprise CXI provides intelligent, analytics insights and comprehensive dashboards focused on key areas of the business

Help your marketing team understand areas like brand awareness, competitor influence, campaign effectiveness, and more. Finance benefits from insights into billing issues, refunds, and late payments. And we didn’t forget the contact center. Dashboards highlighting customer effort, opportunities for process improvements, and more are built in for easy, actionable insights. Stay tuned as we continue to add solutions for more key areas across the business in the coming months like Sales, HR, IT and more.

Enterprise CXI
for Contact Center

Enterprise CXI
for Finance

Enterprise CXI
for Marketing

Customer Interviews
Close the Gap: Connecting Marketing and the Contact Center

As part of our quest for the connected enterprise, Katie Martell, Customer Experience and Marketing Evangelist, sits down with Calabrio customers leading the contact center to uncover how they close the gap between marketing and the contact center. What “golden” insights do customer service teams have access to that marketing should be tapping into?

How to Move From Basic Contact Center Reporting to True Business Intelligence

Watch the video to learn more about the steps your organization can take to move your basic reporting to true business intelligence

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