Webinar: Utilizing Customer Analytics Across the Organization | Calabrio


Utilizing Customer Analytics Across the Organization

Nothing will do more to reshape the customer service landscape over the next five years than analytics. Is your business keeping up?

Whether you’re just starting to explore voice-of-the-customer analytics solutions or have been using one for a while, this webinar will reveal the valuable data contained within the customer interactions taking place in your contact center.

Learn about the history of speech technology and the many benefits analytics can provide to stakeholders across your organization.

Join industry leaders Calabrio and Interactions to learn:

  • The history and impact of speech and analytics technology
  • The benefits of automated speech recognition (ASR) and phonetics-based analytics engines
  • How analytics can serve other parts of your organization, including marketing, legal, and IT
  • How to elevate your contact center to a key informant of your business strategy


Brad Snedeker, Director of Innovation, Calabrio

Nick Brezonik, VP Business Development, Interactions

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