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E.ON wanted to  to make life easier for its customers and to have a presence where its customers are.


E.ON regularly achieves its target of answering 90% of inbound calls and 100% of inquiries via other channels.

E.ON Increases Availability with Flexible Scheduling


Every year E.ON’s customer service center handles more than 1.2 million inquiries received by phone, chat, and e-mail. Pressure on their customer service advisers is high. Every day, between 2,500 and 4,000 phone calls are received.


E.ON has long been a user of Calabrio Teleopti’s WFM solutions to improve its service. As part of the company’s efforts to make life easier for its customers and to have a presence where its customers are, E.ON wanted to take the next step in its customer service evolution to operate even more efficiently. E.ON’s journey towards achieving its target of answering 90% of all incoming calls and 100% of inquiries via other channels started in the spring of 2016 with flexible scheduling.
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Teleopti meets E.ON’s needs

Anette Jonsson works as Group Director for Business, Analytics and Planning and speaks about the challenges E.ON faced before it found Teleopti.

“Before Teleopti came into the picture, we spent a lot of time on admin. We also couldn’t follow things up as much as we wanted. We had problems handling calls on time and needed more control to ensure that our customer service advisers were spending their time on the right things.”

Anette compared Calabrio Teleopti WFM with other tools but has yet to find anything that meets E.ON’s needs.

“Although we looked at other tools, our needs can only be met by Calabrio Teleopti. We need to be able to create accurate forecasts, enable advisers to plan their leave according to forecasts, and create reports in addition to the standard range. Calabrio Teleopti WFM also features a number of additional modules such as Shift Trader, Agent Schedule Messenger, and Payroll Integration that increase customer service, efficiency and create more satisfied employees.”

Forecasts guide the business

The whole of E.ON’s customer service operation relies on the forecasts created using Calabrio Teleopti WFM. The long-term forecast is vital for the following year’s budget so E.ON knows what resources it needs to direct towards its customer service activities. The detailed forecast supports scheduling, promotions, and other mailshots. Using Teleopti’s Performance Manager report tool, E.ON can build custom reports to identify when it receives the most inquiries, or when sick leave is highest.

Calabrio Teleopti WFM provides a broad solution that makes it possible to meet the needs of its various customers. With flexible scheduling E.ON can distribute advisors so that they’re available when customers contact them. Shifts vary between six and ten hours, resulting in more productive hours on the busiest days. Customer advisers can be scheduled in 15-minute intervals for E.ON’s various channels. Who will answer the phone, chat service, and take care of Facebook? Everything is scheduled. Agent Schedule Messenger shows the customer service advisers’ current schedule in real time so they can quickly and easily see what they need to do and when.

Increased customer service and a better work environment for advisors

Thanks to Calabrio Teleopti WFM’s scheduling, E.ON regularly achieves its target of answering 90% of inbound calls and 100% of inquiries via other channels. Once E.ON connected its e-mail and telephone systems it was able identify how long the inquiries took, which made it possible to forecast e-mails in Calabrio Teleopti WFM as well. This enabled E.ON to schedule 30% less time than before for processing e-mails.

“We couldn’t have achieved our current level of availability without Calabrio Teleopti WFM and its flexible scheduling. Our workload has been evened out, which has in turn evened out our response rate. Backlogs have been reduced which has resulted in fewer people calling back and shorter waiting times. This has led to a better work environment with more satisfied employees, resulting in increased customer satisfaction,” says Anette.

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