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INDUSTRY: Healthcare

SEATS: 900+



To standardize workforce and quality management across multiple locations.


HCA Healthcare increased customer satisfaction rates by 35-45% and increased the productivity of its contact center by 40-50% after deploying Calabrio ONE.

HCA Healthcare Increases Customer Satisfaction by 35-45% using Calabrio ONE

CASE STUDY: HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare increases productivity and call center efficiency across multiple locations using Calabrio ONE

Resulting in a massive increase in customer satisfaction and workforce productivity.


As a Fortune 500 company with hundreds of locations in the US and UK, HCA Healthcare is one of the world’s most respected and renowned healthcare operators. Based in Nashville, TN and dedicated to improving human life, the company is focused on transforming the healthcare experience.


Driven by its desire to deliver patient-centered healthcare based on intelligent data, HCA Healthcare knew it needed a better way to manage both its workforce management (WFM) and quality management (QM) systems. Most critically, it saw the need to standardize these systems across the multitude of locations operated by HCA.


HCA Healthcare selected Calabrio ONE to meet its WFM and QM needs. The choice to work with Calabrio was based on:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Key product features
  • Ease-of-use
  • Unified suite and integrations
  • Superior support and services

In addition to these items, HCA Healthcare felt Calabrio ONE would help it meet regulatory compliance standards, reduce costs, improve content center efficiency and increase its insights into consumer behavior.


As a result of the implementation of Calabrio ONE, HCA Healthcare achieved a number of impressive results:

  • Increased customer satisfaction rates by 35-45%
  • Increased contact center productivity b 40-50%
  • Saw a return on investment (ROI) within 6-9 months

“Calabrio software has been extremely strong in pinpointing and correcting our problem areas as well as allowing us to have a centralized location to view our daily schedule.” Ketan Karnik, IT Professional, HCA Healthcare

Source: TechValidate. TVID: D66-BB2-220

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