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Richard McElroy, General Manager – Calabrio Canada & Innovation Center

Richard McElroy leads Calabrio’s Center of Excellence for Analytics based in Vancouver, BC Canada, as well as Calabrio’s Innovation Center. He brings over 20 years of high tech and Business Intelligence software industry experience. Richard joined Calabrio with the acquisition of Symmetrics Business Intelligence Solutions Inc. where he was a founder and President. While at Symmetrics, he played a leading role in spearheading the company’s significant revenue, customer base, channel and vendor partner growth along with setting and executing on the company’s overall product, sales and marketing strategies. As an experienced, hands-on senior leader, Richard is instrumental in evolving the development and marketing of Calabrio Advanced Reporting – a multi-tiered contact center Business Intelligence platform that delivers data integration, reporting, analytics and information management capabilities. In early 2018, Calabrio’s Innovation Center – tasked with ensuring customer success while innovating and incubating new ideas to better both customers and the company – was brought into his leadership portfolio.

Craig Todd, Product Owner, Reporting and Analytics, Calabrio

Craig Todd, Product Owner for Calabrio’s Vancouver-based Center of Excellence for Reporting and Analytics, is a veteran of the business intelligence software industry, most notably working with over 700 software partners as head of pre-sales for the OEM division of Crystal Reports. Prior to joining Calabrio, he was Vice President of Customer Success at Stytch, the cloud reporting platform for Symmetrics Business Intelligence, and Worldwide Director of Presales at 90 Degree Software, a report writing technology acquired by Microsoft to enhance SQL Server Reporting Services. In addition, Craig spent several years in the CRM community, as Director of Sales Engineering with GaleForce Solutions, working with financial services industry leaders using Microsoft CRM. Craig is a respected and invited speaker at many software industry events and holds several industry accreditations.

Can your WFO provider also give you the insights you need to improve employee engagement?

As the only WFO provider to combine workforce management with speech, desktop, and text analytics in a single, unified suite, Calabrio ONE is built so that you can easily get the insight needed to operate and improve your contact center.

Better Contact Center Reporting

Calabrio Advanced Reporting makes it easy to understand the insights buried in your modern multichannel contact center. Integrate any data source, any data structure, any vendor—anywhere. Automated data collection, pre-built reports, intuitive ad hoc reporting—no data scientist required. Collaborate and share better data to drive better decision-making across the business.

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