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What’s New in Calabrio ONE Cloud 2017.6?

The Calabrio ONE 2017.6 Release is Here!

Summer is winding down, but our enhancements to the Calabrio ONE suite are just getting started, as the 2017.6 release of Calabrio ONE will go live soon. The focus of this release is on business intelligence – tools that optimize performance and improve your organization’s ability to make smart decisions – and versatility – tools of expediency and flexibility that allow your workforce to seamlessly accomplish the tasks at hand.

To learn more about the key developments in this release, download the 2017.6 release notes, view this short video to learn about the key enhancements to Calabrio ONE Cloud in the 2017.6 release of Calabrio ONE, or read the summary below.


In the 2017.6 release of Calabrio ONE, your users will enjoy the following new features and functionality:

Calabrio ONE Platform

  • Data Explorer – This suite-wide feature delivers added business intelligence, integration, and flexibility across Calabrio ONE. In addition to a robust set of pre-built visualizations, it provides users with the ability to easily create—and customize—personalized reports and dashboards. Because Data Explorer utilizes an integrated data model that supports blended, non-siloed reporting, users can easily combine quality management (QM), workforce management (WFM), as well as analytics data into a single report or dashboard and use these comprehensive sources of workforce optimization (WFO) information to fuel better decision making.
  • Automatic Status Detection from the Smart Desktop Client & Data Server – Calabrio ONE data servers and Smart Desktop clients will now automatically detect when the system is unavailable to upload data. Prior to this enhancement, servers and clients would continuously attempt to transmit data to Calabrio ONE—even when it was down for maintenance. This change will allow the clients to confirm the status of the system before sending data.
  • Dashboard Toggle Switching – For users who have more than one role (e.g., those who function as both Schedulers and Agents), we’ve added a dropdown to the primary dashboard so they can quickly and easily switch among relevant dashboards.
  • UTC Time and Time Zone – Calabrio ONE now stores date and time information using the primary global standard—Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Note: this change does not yet apply to WFM. Calabrio ONE continues to default to displaying the time zone for the location in which the user physically resides.
  • Italian Language – Italian has been added to our ever-growing list of user interface localization options.
  • UI Enhancements – We’ve made multiple improvements to the user’s workflow capabilities and have increased consistencies throughout the suite to make Calabrio ONE tools even more straightforward to use.

Quality Management

  • Variable Speed Playback – Our media player now supports variable playback speed for audio recordings, so users can speed up the audio when they want to bypass irrelevant information or silences and slow it down when they need to absorb new information.
  • Recording Controls Integration – We’ve merged our recording controls into Calabrio ONE so that you no longer need to use a separate web application to access them.

Workforce Management

  • Agent Mobility – We’ve created a mobile-friendly URL specifically for agents! Agents may now check their schedules, submit requests, and/or respond to requests—all while using their mobile devices. And managers can rest easier, knowing that they’re maximizing the productivity and efficiency of an increasingly mobile workforce.
  • Agent Schedule Edit Conflict Warning – Schedulers and intraday analysts now have the option to receive alerts when they attempt to schedule an event that overlaps with an existing activity. Once alerted, they will have the opportunity to 1) proceed with the edit; 2) cancel the edit; or 3) move the existing activity.
  • Preview Work Shifts in Another Time Zone – Schedulers may now view work shifts in any time zone they choose, allowing them to ensure that shifts align across all locations. Simply employ the new drop down menu on the Work Shifts page to preview shifts in another time zone.
  • Forecasted Contacts Displayed as Decimals – When importing, displaying, and editing forecasted contacts, users now have the option to utilize numbers with up to two decimal places.
  • Forecasted Agents Adjustment Factor – Schedulers may now linearly adjust the ratio of agent-to-contact interactions, instead of having to assume a 1:1 ratio. This allows users to improve forecasting accuracy when scheduling agents who may handle multiple, simultaneous customer interactions (e.g., chats).

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Calabrio Support Services at +1 (800) 303-1248 or via email at [email protected].

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