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Cloud Solution Enables Greater Western Water to Pivot During COVID-19 Pandemic

93 Billion Litres

Drinking water
delivered annually


Contact Centre calls
each year


Seconds, average time
to answer a call

AU $2,000

Cost savings per month
eliminating 3rd party vendor

At a Glance

Company Greater Western Water

Industry Utilities

Region Australia

Products Used Calabrio WFM, Quality Management & Call Recording

About Greater Western Water

Greater Western Water (GWW) was formed by bringing together City West Water and Western Water on 1 July 2021. GWW provides drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in Melbourne’s central business district and western region. GWW also has a key role in managing the water cycle to support community health and protect the environment.

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Greater Western Water empowers hybrid working and in-house PCI regulatory compliance processes with Calabrio ONE


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Greater Western Water (Footscray site) was looking for a new contact centre call recording solution. The existing system required complex and time-consuming steps to meet the legislative requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Without significant investment, the system was nearing end of life. In addition, it did not allow for remote working, which was an immediate and critical need for Greater Western Water, as for organisations across the globe. A flexible solution was needed that could be implemented quickly and ensure that the contact centre could continue to operate effectively and reliably, and stay connected with customers.


Calabrio’s workforce engagement management (WEM) suite, Calabrio ONE, was selected for the exciting range of possibilities it enables via call recording, quality management and workforce management. Being a cloud-first solution means it is easy to manage remote employees, including handling the increased complexities of call recording when working remotely.

Calabrio ONE is compatible with the existing CISCO Finesse ACD system, while being platform-agnostic, allowing flexibility for future digital transformation of the contact centre with open APIs for integrating a range of other technologies. In addition, the WEM suite provides a range of extra functionality that can be implemented as required and as the organisation demands.

The initial build was completed by Calabrio within two weeks, and Calabrio ONE was deployed to contact centre employees via a link to log in to the cloud-based system from any device. This was a fast, straightforward operation for the IT department, without requiring configuration on end-user devices.

The pandemic impacted our contact centre as our system required everyone to work from the office. Calabrio’s cloud solution was deployed across the business almost instantly – so our employees can log in from anywhere, and our customers can easily connect with us.”

Oliver Atanasovski –
Workforce Optimisation Manager
Greater Western Water


The deployment of Calabrio ONE has delivered significant operational benefits.

The cloud-first nature of Calabrio’s suite has enabled Greater Western Water (Footscray site) to provide employees, supervisors and managers with access to the full range of functionality, enabling business as usual. They now have control and ownership of compliance processes — with the right people now able to immediately delete calls at the click of a button — rather than relying on a convoluted process. This process alone has saved significant costs as a third-party vendor is no longer required.

Calabrio ONE enables a hybrid working model and supports employee wellbeing by allowing seamless working between office and home and promoting work/life balance.

For Greater Western Water, staying connected to customers and providing a reliable service is critical. The Calabrio solution provides a scalable platform that will accommodate growth. Over the next 30 years, the population in the service area is expected to double. With Calabrio ONE as a centralised optimisation tool, Greater Western Water will be well positioned to manage the requirements of its customers and employees and to continue to provide exceptional customer service.

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