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Nutrisystem Nourishes Contact Center, Agents, and Customers by Migrating to the Cloud

+ 67%

Increase in efficiency and productivity


Single source of truth for contact center


Easy, online access to agent schedules

Better, deeper root-cause analysis

At a Glance

Company Nutrisystem

Industry Health & Wellness

Region U.S

Products Used Calabrio ONE Suite

About Nutrisystem

A leading provider of health and wellness and weight loss solutions, Pennsylvania-based Nutrisystem has helped millions of people lose weight for over 50 years.
The company offers a high-protein, low-glycemic approach to weight loss designed to help keep blood sugar levels steady and hunger in control.

Unifying all data and applications into a single, Calabrio ONE platform delivers faster, easier, any-time access to important contact center information and processes.

“We used to have best in class technology for specific application, but they didn’t always ‘play nice in the sandbox’ together—chat was in one area, WFM in another, call recordings in another, cradle-to-grave reporting was in another, and so on. Calabrio ONE delivered one integrated, cloud-based platform that does it all, acting as the new nucleus of our contact center’s entire cloud transformation.”

Jesse Claus
Sr. Optimization Manager


In 2019, Nutrisystem contact center workforce planners who used Aspect workforce management (WFM) still manually built forecasts in Excel, and managers still manually scored a subset of recorded calls in Excel to try to improve call quality. With over 300+ front-line staff members this required a copious amount of manual work that took too much time and introduced too many human errors into busy contact center processes.

Leaders knew it was time to revamp their outdated WFM and quality management approaches. But first they had to find a way to unify disconnected contact center information—including emails, automatic call distribution (ACD) data, and cradle-to-grave reporting—into a single source of truth.


Nutrisystem leaders chose Calabrio ONE to power modern, automated, integrated operations for their contact center.

Now, recordings of calls received through Nutrisystem’s Five9 ACD automatically stream into Calabrio ONE for analysis and archiving, so workforce planners can efficiently develop call center forecasts in advance without having to manually download historical data from Five9. Calabrio ONE also automatically assigns quality scores to calls and automates the entire time-off request process for employees.

In addition, with Calabrio ONE, agents can view, interact with, and update their schedules and channel assignments online at any time, from wherever they are. Plus, quality analysts can send call recordings directly to agents whenever they choose, so agents can listen to them when they have time. In the past, this required support to host the playback of the call.

When it comes to analytics, managers use Calabrio ONE for things like discerning the real reasons behind customer objections and understanding both the voice of the agent and the voice of the customer (VoC). In addition, Nutrisystem’s QA team uses Calabrio ONE’s predictive analytics to understand exactly what transpires in calls handled by the contact center.

But Calabrio ONE’s reach doesn’t stop there. After leaders witnessed Calabrio ONE’s immediate, positive impact, they decided to move all Nutrisystem contact center operations to the cloud.

Today, Nutrisystem leaders use Calabrio ONE to unify workforce performance processes and integrate all contact center data streams.


With Calabrio ONE as its one single, true data source, Nutrisystem leaders estimate their contact center is 67% more productive and efficient.

Employees use a single, integrated, Calabrio ONE-powered platform every day to easily access a single point of truth for contact center data and assignments. Instead of, for instance, pinging each other in Microsoft Teams to try to figure out who’s handling each channel at any given time, agents can view up-to-date channel assignments in Calabrio ONE. And, instead of completing a time-off request process that required at least three emails to be sent back and forth between employees and managers, employees now request and receive approval on time-off requests via one single action.

With Calabrio ONE, managers now have a direct line of sight into the Nutrisystem customer experience—they know, for instance, if Nutrisystem agents do everything they’re supposed to do on each call (e.g., if they state their disclosures as required). They also can proactively identify then fix issues experienced by agents and identify frequent or recurring objections from customers. When, for example, managers noticed a sudden, huge uptick in the number of customers requesting order substitutions, they used Calabrio ONE’s analytics transcription search functionality to pinpoint the exact problem: supply chain issues were restricting the availability of one of Nutrisystem’s most popular items, the turkey breakfast sausage sandwich.

Today, agents and managers alike benefit from the massive operational streamlining and time savings afforded to them by Calabrio ONE

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