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The acquisition of Teleopti by Calabrio was announced in June 2019. It’s now time for the two companies to take the next step in this mission for customer experience excellence and fully merge Teleopti under the Calabrio brand and Please see below for answers to questions about this brand unification and web migrationsupport changes and product updates.

FAQ About Brand & Online Presence Integration

While Teleopti WFM (now Calabrio Teleopti WFM) will continue to be sold and supported as a separate product, Teleopti as a company and brand is now fully absorbed into Calabrioas of January 13.

As of January 13, is no longer a separate entity and has been redirected to The Teleopti Customer Center and Partner Center will remain live and will continue to be accessible from within the Calabrio Teleopti WFM product, direct URLs and from the website.

All Teleopti social media channels (incl. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) are no longer active and Calabrio social media platforms are the one united presence for each channel. Followers do not automatically transfer, so we encourage you to follow and like Calabrio on your favorite social platforms – LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

As of January 13, 2020, all email communications are sent from Calabrio. You do not need to re-subscribe to continue receiving information about upcoming webinars, product news and new thought leadership content. However, we recommend adding [email protected] to your address book. For customers, we also recommend adding [email protected]com and for partners, [email protected]. All communication is sent in compliance with applicable privacy laws. Please see Calabrio’s privacy policy. At the bottom of every Calabrio email you have the option to unsubscribe, or you can send [email protected] a request to be deleted. 

No, you will continue to operate under the same active Teleopti or Calabrio agreements you have in place with us.

No, as Teleopti is now under the Calabrio brand, the only profile or logo featured should be Calabrio’s. ‘Calabrio Teleopti WFM’ as a product can be mentioned if you have a Calabrio page. 

Please update any website links to

If you would like to discuss updating your previous Teleopti/Calabrio page or setting up a Calabrio page or logo on your website, please contact us. We understand you will likely already have a main point of contact from Teleopti/Calabrio, if so, please reach out to them.  Otherwise, email [email protected]

Calabrio currently hosts pages for platformservicesresellers and alliance partners on the Calabrio website. If you would like to discuss a platform or integration partnership page, or to have your logo featured on our reseller page, please reach out to [email protected].

FAQ About Calabrio Teleopti WFM Product

We will continue to deliver ongoing improvements to Teleopti WFM and as your solution is updated you will notice some branding changes, including updated colors and a new product logo. The Teleopti WFM product will feature the Calabrio logo and sport a new name of “Calabrio Teleopti WFM”. For cloud customers, these changes have already been implemented. On-premises customers will see these changes when they update to the latest release.

No. While the cloud URLs to access the Calabrio Teleopti WFM environment contain ‘teleopti’ they are not hosted on so there will be no impact to access or logging in. 

The URLs that you use to access your Calabrio Teleopti WFM cloud environment (and Citrix) will not change.

Interested in learning how Calabrio’s customer experience intelligence can make an impact at your organization and help you enhance performance at your contact center? Contact our sales team to request a demo.

FAQ on Customer Support Changes

Teleopti Service Desk is now a part of, and has changed its name to, Calabrio Support Services. To offer a united process for handling support tickets, there are updates to how you submit tickets. As a customer or a partner, there are many ways that you can request support for Calabrio Teleopti WFM software, including:

  • In the Calabrio Success Center (CSC).
    The CSC allows you to check the status of your support request, and to see previous service requests you have submitted to Calabrio. The Success Center will be accessible via links in the product, the Customer and Partner Centers, going directly to the link and via the Calabrio website. You will need to register for the Success Center on your first visit. You can submit Level 1-4 Severity Level Cases in the CSC and view the status of existing requests.
  • On the Website:
    Visit submit a support case with a Level 3 or 4 Severity Level. To submit a Level 1 or 2 Severity Level Case, you will need to login to the Success Center or call Calabrio Support Services by phone.
  • By Email:
    You can also email [email protected] and a case will automatically be created for you.
  • By Phone:
    You can also access phone numbers to call our service team via the Support Request page.

Yes, as Teleopti Service Desk has merged with Calabrio Support Services, the names for priority classifications have changed to match Calabrio’s Severity Levels 

Class A will become Severity 1 

Class B will become Severity 2 

Class C will become Severity 3 

The numbering system has changed from a datebased number into a serial number generated at ticket creation. If customers or partners have open cases, they will be notified about the new number via email. We encourage you to use the newly generated ticket numbers but if only the old Teleopti ticket number is known, support will be able to track which open case is connected to it. 

All open cases with Teleopti Service Desk have been transferred over and will continue as normal, with a new ticket number.

The best email to use is [email protected]. If you accidentally email [email protected], it will be forwarded on to Calabrio Support Services.

Yes, the Teleopti Customer Center will continue to operate normally until further notice. If customers access the Customer Center via the product, there will be no change to the login process. Customers can also access the Teleopti Customer Center by visiting where they can sign in as normal or by finding the link to the Teleopti Customer Center on

Calabrio has multiple ways to engage with its customers. Watch for more information to come regarding the Calabrio Champions Program and Calabrio Customer Connect.

The Teleopti Partner Center will continue to operate normally until further notice. Although you are no longer able to go to for a login, you can reach the Teleopti Partner Center directly by bookmarking where you can sign in as normal. You can also access the Teleopti Partner Center on

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