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Customer Experience Strategies for Hospitality Businesses

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimization
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Hospitality Contact Center

Customer Experience Strategies for Hospitality Businesses

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimization
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Hospitality Contact Center

In Hospitality, Personalization is Key to a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience has always been a critical area of focus in the hospitality industry, but rising customer expectations have now made it more important than ever. 90% of guests expect a personalized experience based on choices they’ve indicated prior to arrival.

The good news is, the keys to personalizing the hospitality customer experience are hidden in plain sight – in the contact center. As guests interact with hospitality brands via website chats, emails and phone calls, a multitude of data comes streaming into the contact center. This data contains a wealth of information that can be mined to increase personalization.

However, many hospitality companies struggle with analyzing this data. In fact, only 2% of voice of the customer data is analyzed by the average organization.

This is where Calabrio can help.

Using our intuitive and easy-to-use analytics platform, businesses can analyze 100% of customer interactions taking place in the contact center. Our custom dashboards can you help track critical KPIs including overall customer sentiment and Net Promoter Scores. This powerful data allows you to pinpoint your most loyal customers and identify areas for improvement in the customer experience journey.

Read on to learn how Calabrio has helped companies increase customer satisfaction scores across the board. You may also enjoy our ebook which shares 8 ways hospitality companies can improve the customer experience.

90% of guests expect personalized experiences based on choices they’ve indicated prior to arrival

89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives

A speedy social media response (6 minutes or less) makes travelers willing to pay up to $20 more

A fully integrated agent & customer engagement suite.

Calabrio ONE

What can we help you with?

Call Recording

 Amazingly clean and simple. Capture and retrieve calls quickly and accurately. Never miss a call.

Quality Management

Access and evaluate 100% of your customer interactions. Gain powerful performance insights.

Workforce Management

More than optimized staffing levels, modern tools improve predictability and performance.

Calabrio Analytics

Integrate multichannel customer input to gain unprecedented visibility and control.

Data Management

Visualize contact center metrics. Cross-reference data enterprise-wide. Deliver impactful insights.

Switching to Calabrio ONE led to an ROI of 546%

2018 Forrester Total Economic Impact Case Study

How to Drive a Competitive Advantage Through the Contact Center

As guests seek out increasingly authentic, personalized experiences, the need for companies to flex to customers’ needs is critical. View our infographic to learn more.

Hospitality Businesses: 8 Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience

In today’s highly competitive hospitality industry, companies must deliver the highest level of customer service possible. In fact, 72% of hospitality businesses say improving the customer experience is their top priority. Download the Ebook to learn more.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Switched from Verint to Calabrio ONE and Improved CSAT Scores Across the Board

Carlson Wagonlit Travel improved customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency while reducing costs, using Calabrio ONE. Read the full Case Study.

Hospitality Case Studies for Calabrio ONE

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