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Customer Experience Strategies for Insurance Organizations

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimization
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Insurance Contact Center

In the insurance industry, contact centers now own the customer experience and customer expectations keep rising.

Today, one in four customers will leave their insurance provider based on a bad contact center experience. Therefore, it is paramount insurers work hard to make sure their contact center delivers an exceptional customer experience.

In fact, a one percent increase in customer retention amounts to a million-dollar increase in annual premiums. And customers are twice as likely to renew their insurance policy after a positive contact center experience.

Providing an outstanding customer experience begins with transforming raw customer data into meaningful customer insights.

With Calabrio, you can analyze 100% of customer interactions, from all channels, to clearly understand trends and act on them. Identify warning signs of customer defection and train agents how to handle retention efforts. Utilizing powerful AI tools, Calabrio gives you sentiment scores for every customer interaction, allowing you to quickly identify root cause of positive and negative interactions.

Now is the time to unlock the customer insights buried within your contact center. Continue reading below to discover how Calabrio has helped insurance providers including AXA, Americo, Erie Insurance, AmTrust and Pacific Life improve their customer experience up to 25% while increasing contact center productivity by more than 30%. Plus, learn eight strategies insurance companies can use to improve the contact center customer experience.

1 in 4 customers will leave a provider based solely on a bad contact center experience.

Positive contact center experiences make customers twice as likely to renew their policy.

A 1% increase in customer retention = a $1M increase in annual premiums

A fully integrated agent & customer engagement suite.

Calabrio ONE

call recording


quality management


workforce management


voice-of-customer analytics


advanced reporting


Switching to Calabrio ONE led to an ROI of 546%

2018 Forrester Total Economic Impact Case Study

Insurance Companies: 8 Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience

A one percent increase in customer retention equals a one million dollar increase in annual premiums. Learn how your call center can increase retention.

AXA Seguros Mexico Sees ROI in Just 3-6 Months

AXA Seguros Mexico replaced Nice with Calabrio ONE to increase call center growth and productivity.

4 Must-Have Tips to Improve Customer Experience

A positive call center experience makes a customer twice as likely to renew their insurance policy. Learn four easy ways to improve customer experience.

Insurance Case Studies for Calabrio ONE

4 Must-Have Tips to Improve Customer Experience

Download the tipsheet to learn 4 ways to improve the customer experience within your insurance company.

Wisconsin-Based Insurance Company Improves Agent Engagement with Calabrio

Learn how a medium enterprise insurance company increased the productivity of their contact center by 10-30% after deploying Calabrio software.

Americo Financial Life and Annuity sees improved productivity and customer satisfaction after replacing NICE

Read how Americo Financial Life and Annuity increased their customer satisfaction rates by up to 20% since deploying Calabrio.

Maryland-Based Insurance Company Increases Contact Center Productivity by More than 30% After Deploying Calabrio

This case study of a medium enterprise insurance company is based on a November 2018 survey of Calabrio ONE customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Erie Insurance Group Gives Contact Center Agents Scheduling Flexibility with Calabrio ONE

See how Erie Insurance achieved less than a 5% turnover rate since deploying Calabrio ONE.

AXA Seguros Mexico Replaces NICE with Calabrio ONE and Sees ROI in Just 3-6 Months

Learn how AXA saw an ROI on their investment with Calabrio in 3-6 months.

AmTrust Financial Scales its Contact Center for Growth Using Calabrio ONE

AmTrust Financial saw increased agent engagement and reduced agent turnover with a scalable Calabrio WFO deployment.

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