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Calabrio Workforce Management

Elevate Your Approach to WFM


Forecasting and Planning

Enable strategic staffing and long-range planning.


Schedule Management

Streamline daily scheduling workflows.


Flexible Optimization Tools

Agility to respond to evolving staffing needs.

Forecasting and Planning

Enable short- and long-range planning forecasts with capacity planning.



Advanced Forecasting & Modeling

Forecasts can be modeled using historical data from one day to over a year.


Hiring Planning

Plan hiring based on staffing needs, time to hire, attrition, and user configured stages of the hiring process.


Capacity Planning

Produce reports to identify resource needs over an established timeframe including resources such as agents, supervisors, trainers, computers, phones, desks, etc.


Budgetary Planning

Establish budgetary estimates over a defined time frame based on user configured data such as average wage rates, average costs, etc.


Vacation Planning

Vacation planning tools synchronize time-off accrual and vacation allotments, including integration with human resource systems (HRMS) to capture vacation and sick leave in enterprise staffing systems.

Streamlined Schedule Management

Dynamic Scheduling, Calabrio’s modern approach to shift-bidding, offers scheduling agility to support the evolving staffing needs of the business.



Dynamic Availability

Agents indicate their availability and shift preferences.


Rule-Based Scheduling

Set minimum/maximum paid-hour restrictions and other business rules to govern scheduling.


Skill-Level Scheduling

Agents with multiple skills can be scheduled based on the forecasted load for each skill at each interval.


Performance-Based Scheduling

Reward agents with schedule priority based on performance, rank, seniority or other appropriate business parameters.


Automated Approvals

Rule-based approval workflows for employee scheduling requests.


Scalable Multi-Site Support

Scale from five to 50,000 agents. Coordinate staffing across multiple contact centers.

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Ad-Hoc Scheduling

Add unscheduled agents quickly to a schedule at any time

Flexible Optimization Tools

Automate scheduling workflows and simplify day-to-day processes.



Intraday Dynamic Scheduling

Eliminates manual efforts associated with intraday schedule adjustments for unforeseen changes in staffing requirements (like absenteeism, inclement weather or news incidents) by automatically coordinating overtime or voluntary time off opportunities.


Drag and Drop Editing

Make quick and easy changes, preview performance impact down to the minute and put changes into production.


Intraday Optimization

Optimize agent break and lunch assignments in order to better utilize staff for better coverage.


Real-Time Tracking

Monitor and balance call volume, available agents and service levels.


Agent Alerts

Agents receive immediate alerts to changes in their schedules.

Mobile Schedule icon

Mobile-Optimized Agent Schedules

Agents can view their schedules, enter time off, trade shifts all from any mobile device, any time.

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Restore Schedules

View changes to an agent’s schedule and restore back to a previous iteration.

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