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Meet the Moment: Agility for the Modern Contact Center


Calabrio WFM enables your organization, through its core functionality, to plan and manage your operations through advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling and intelligent automation, while also providing the tools and technology to empower, educate and lead today’s workforce.

Core Functionality


Multi-skill, multi-channel forecasting for both short- and long-term planning, as well as for trends and seasonality analyses.


Powerful, multi-skill scheduling-optimization engine for effective employee planning, considering work-hour legislation, demand, employee requests–and more.


Employee administration, including work-hour contracts and skill assignments.


Efficient shift generator for creating shifts from any mix of schedule activities.


For long-term planning of staffing requirements; assess the staff available in comparison with forecasted resource need.


Allows overview and detailed analysis of on-the-day traffic, performance and staffing down to interval level.


Provided as both a web-based employee portal and an IOS/Android app, MyTime offers employees not only access to their schedules but also industry-leading empowerment tools for work-hour preferences and self-assessment.

CC/CX Connector

Calabrio provides officially certified connectors to all major contact center and customer experience platforms for automated transfer of contact data to Calabrio WFM.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Calabrio WFM includes a powerful SDK platform for customized development and integration.

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Empowerment, Education & Management for Today’s Workforce



Self-Scheduling – Freedom for Employees, Freedom to Achieve More
Enable your frontline employees to independently move their lunches and breaks for the day itself or coming 7 days. Schedules are updated instantly once moves are made. Parameters set by management and automated staffing monitoring mean zero managerial intervention is required and there is no  impact on customer service levels. Unleash the potential of your employees by removing stress & manual rigidity.

Grant – Your Virtual Assistant for Easier Employee Self-service
Grant is your own WFM concierge handling all processes related to schedule requests, so you can focus on the big picture. Monitoring current staffing alongside employees’ skills and schedules, Grant provides chat notifications when voluntary time off is available

Vacation Planner – Book Absences from Any Device Automatically
Save time and money with Vacation Planner, freeing up valuable resources and eliminating paper-based vacation and time-off approvals. Your employees book absences autonomously via the MyTime portal/ app and receive manual or automated approvals, denials or waitlist notifications, based on predefined business rules.

Shift Trader – Enable Employees to View and Trade Shifts with Minimal
Supervision Employees can trade shifts – with or without team leader/administrator intervention – while maintaining staffing-level requirements. Your employees can view, evaluate and trade available shifts via the shift trade board in their MyTime employee portal/app – in no time at all.

Overtime Manager – Adapt Faster with Employee Insight & Influence
Finding staff at short notice to meet resourcing requirements has never been easier. Your employees can enter their overtime availability via the MyTime portal/app, creating a supplementary resource pool for planners when needed. Frontline staff are also able to see via self-service sidebars when overtime is likely available. They can then request to work the relevant overtime period with approval being automatic or manual.



Data Explorer – Unlock the Power of Your Data
Customize your reporting with key metrics that mean the most to your contact center. Reports and dashboards can be created so that users all have access to information and up to date data that was previously difficult to obtain and combine. Standard dashboards can also be created so that users all have access to the exact same information to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Personalized Homepage Dashboards – Quick Insights at Your Fingertips
Create customized dashboards power by Data Explorer technology with most meaningful data to you presented on your homepage experience when you login. With the ever-changing contact center environment quickly adjust the metrics on your homepage to stay informed at a quick glance and dig into areas that need focus all while on your homepage.

Gamification – Promote Agent Performance and Development
Educate and motivate employees with badges and scorecards and reward top-performers based on metrics important to your business.



Real-Time Adherence (RTA) – Detect and Correct Problems Immediately
Monitor employee status with customizable overviews – in real time. The RTA information, visible alongside schedules and employee state data, makes tracking adherence and adjusting schedules effortless, to maintain service-level targets throughout the day. Users can view historical adherence to spot behavioral patterns, as well as approve out-of-adherence.

Teams – Manage Your Team and Adapt Schedules from Anywhere
Enable a variety of team organizers to efficiently group, track and adapt schedules, as well as monitor employee status.

Agent Schedule Messenger (ASM) – Keep Track of and Improve Adherence
Pop-up reminders and the messenger interface (for rapid, efficient communication between customer reps and team leaders) help employees not only keep track of their scheduled activities throughout the day but also drive service-level targets through improved schedule adherence.

CalendarLink – Share Schedules; Access Them from Anywhere
Employees can view the latest schedule changes on preferred mobile devices and from third-party calendar services (e.g. iCal, MS Outlook) – anywhere, anytime. This not only eliminates tedious, manual notification processes but also increases schedule adherence.

SMSlink – Schedule Changes on The Go, In Real Time
Automated notifications of schedule changes, sent to employees via SMS, eliminates labor-intensive, manual processes. Proactive notifications bring improved schedule adherence!

Payroll Integration – Manage and Automate your Payroll Process
Automating your payroll process may potentially eliminate costly payroll errors and save administrative time. Payroll integrates with a wide range of payroll systems, transferring simple imports/exports of scheduled employee work hours and any deviations – absences, overtime or shifts allowances, and the like – to more complex exports that include advanced compensation calculations.

BPO Exchange – Close the Gap Between Resourcing Needs and Availability
Meeting variable service demands while optimizing costs often requires external resources to be used to meet service level requirements. BPO Exchange allows employee requirements to be exported and available resources to be imported during planning and staffing phases. This provides a view of the total staffing situation, both in-house and BPO resources combined, and how much each contributes.

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