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Enhancing Quality Management

How do you spot opportunities in your contact center?  Todd Marthaler from the Innovation Center team explains the most agile way to enhance quality management.


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Hi, I’m Todd Marthaler, Analytics Consultant with Calabrio. Working in contact centers for 20 years, I know how difficult it is to quantify and pinpoint opportunities.

The Quality Assurance Problem

Contact Center organizations with quality teams or supervisors without QA teams spend between 10-20% of their time searching, scoring and coaching back calls and they are expected to drive improvements. That could be a be costing you upwards of thousands of dollars year to find critical interactions driving your business.

Some of those improvements areas for you may be:

  • Customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Scores.
  • Sales.
  • Agent Productivity.
  • Process improvement and reduce customer effort.

Finding the Right Contact

But how do find those critical data points on customer experience by randomly searching calls? Some of you might have fallible call coding – purely subjective data selected by agents which is riddled with inaccuracy and miscellaneous numbers.
Well, if you have a recording platform and a quality program, the best and most agile way to get there is analytics.
Here are some initial steps to take:

  1. Build a Quality Standards Document for Analytics – review what your key company objectives are around the customer and build that into your quality assurance requirements.
  2. Listen to calls for frustration and negative customer responses. Right them down.
  3. Create categories for the objectives (customer frustration and negative sentiment) and what phrases are said that lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  4. Visit with us at Calabrio – let us demonstrate the power of synchronizing speech analytics to enhance and increase the visibility of your data.

The Analytics Difference

What can you expect with Analytics?

  • Drill down capability to pinpoint calls of interest.
  • Auto queuing of those interactions based on what is said on a call and what teams you are reviewing.
  • Dashboard visibility for managers and executives to see what is happening in the contact center and what are the challenges and successes.
  • A minimum 5-10% reduction in time wasted on exhausted searches for specific calls of interest.
  • Equal time back to focus on who, what, where, when, why and how to drive improved customer experience and team member efficiencies.

An Equation on the Quality Management Savings

Here’s some back of the napkin math from a mythical call center to demonstrate the power of Enhanced Quality Management:
A major hotel chain has 1,000 agents.

  • Supervisors score 4 agent monitoring per agent per month.
  • 1,000 agents
  • Supervisor to Agent Ratio – 1 per 20.
  • Number of QAs per Supervisor per month = 80.
  • Time per QA = 15 minutes (review, score, and coach).
  • Total time per month = 15 x 80 = 1200 minutes
  • Total hours per month QA = 1200/60 = 20 hours
  • Total hours per year QA = 20 x 12 = 240 hours
  • Total supervisor hours per year = 40 x 52 = 2,080 hours
  • Total time scoring QA per year = 11%
  • Assume 50% reduction in time scoring = 5.5% (6%)
  • Supervisor Salary = $40,000
  • Total potential efficiency improvement savings per month to be refocused on actionable work (training, coaching, process improvement) = $2200 per year per supervisor
  • Assuming 50 supervisors = 50 x $2,200 = $110,000 per year.

Want to know more? Contact the Innovation Center at [email protected]. We will walk you through the power of Enhanced Quality, ease of deployment, actionable information at your fingertips, and open your eyes to the power of Analytics!

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