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Brand Loyalty Starts with the Contact Center

The nature of the buyer journey is changing. As digital communication channels continue to emerge, brands need new ways to make personal connections with customers. Contact center agents make up the front line of personalized communication, and marketers should recognize and encourage their role in the new customer experience.

According to our recent survey, “The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era,” agents are being impacted by changes in customer behaviors. Thirty-two percent of agents say customer inquiries and demands will become increasingly complex in the next two to three years, and 45 percent of contact center employees say customers will only continue to expect more from the company.

If brands aren’t addressing these complexities, they’re missing the opportunity to exceed customer expectations. In 2018, marketers must form a strategic partnership with the contact center to ensure that agents are equipped to transform the customer experience and drive brand loyalty.

In fact, there are three things marketers can do immediately to leverage the contact center and improve brand loyalty:

  1. Partner with the chief customer officer to bridge the gap between the contact center and the rest of the company.
  2. Audit existing tools to optimize the customer experience.
  3. Embrace automation and elevate human interactions with customers.

To learn more, view the full article in MarTech Advisor Magazine.


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