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C3 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Jaslyne Dolak, Erie Insurance

C3 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Jaslyne Dolak, Erie Insurance

Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) 2018 is just a few weeks away! We’re highlighting some of our customer presenters on the Calabrio blog in a Speaker Spotlight series.

Meet Jaslyne Dolak, data and analytics specialist at Erie Insurance. During her breakout session at C3 she will be sharing methods for getting your team and organization on board with change when implementing a new WFO tool. C3 2018 takes place September 10-13 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Name: Jaslyne Dolak

Company: Erie Insurance

Title: Data & Analytics Specialist

Experience: 3 years with Erie Insurance

Q: What are you most looking forward to for C3 2018 and why?

Jaslyne: This is my third year attending C3 and each year Calabrio manages to expand the conference and customer base–it’s incredible, really! The call center that I have supported since entering the WFM arena just went through a leadership change and we now have more buy-in and opportunity to highlight the WFM suite within that department. The opportunity is out there, and I think that now is the time to take the plunge and change some of the current processes. Change management is really important going forward, so here’s a shameless plug to why my session topic is so important. Lastly, I just really love C3 and the networking opportunities. I know that I’ve said this before, but it’s easy for a company to give their pitch for why their product is the best investment for an organization, but when you can talk to real customers, it makes all the difference.

Q: What are you passionate about?

Jaslyne: At the office, I’m passionate about making sure that the customers get their “Above all in sERvIcE” experience–our motto here at Erie Insurance–while balancing the employee experience. My department, the Center of Excellence, oversees Workforce Management, Analytics, and Quality Management, so our business unit has to work so closely with each of the leadership teams in the call centers to create that balance between experiences.

Outside of the office, I enjoy volunteering. I try to assist with at least one Habitat for Humanity build each summer, and when winter rolls in, I do a lot with the local overflow shelters. I love knowing that I am making a difference. Outside of volunteering, I live in the heart of the Lake Erie Wine Trail, so I enjoy wine tastings and making my own wines. Riesling and cabernet are my staples.

Q: Why should people attend your session, Blazing a Trail without Starting a Fire: Best Practices for Preparing for ChangeWhat will they learn?

Jaslyne: While you can prepare for a software implementation by going through hours of fail-testing, unless you prepare your floor for change, there’s bound to be an issue. Leaders need to understand every facet of change, you are changing the way the business operates, after all! The agents, however, may even be more important to fully educate. I remember when our WFM team tried to let Calabrio WFM schedule breaks and lunches in one of the call centers, without any manual adjustments, and just assumed that the floor had fully communicated this change. Yikes. We had call center agents ready to storm HR because of it. We learned our lesson and made sure that the business fully understood what changes were being made and the “why” behind them.

Q: The theme of this year’s conference is Amplify the Connection. What’s one song you’d love to hear amplified at the C3 customer appreciation party?

Jaslyne: I feel obligated to pick some sort of country song since we’ll be in Nashville and all, but truth be told, country music really isn’t my thing. However, when I’m in the car with two of my four sisters, a drive isn’t complete without a little Shania Twain circa 1997 (I can already hear all the women in attendance singing “Man, I feel like a Woman” together).

About Calabrio Customer Connect (C3)

Calabrio’s annual user conference, Calabrio Customer Connect (C3), is two and a half days of in-depth learning and networking. Through dozens of breakout sessions and roundtable discussions, attendees will learn from experts spanning industries. Share best practices and lessons learned with your peers. Speak with Calabrio executives and technical experts to get more value from your investment in Calabrio solutions and to provide feedback for future products.

Ella McKown, Sr. Customer Marketing Specialist at Calabrio
Ella McKown, Sr. Customer Marketing Specialist, is responsible for creating captivating moments for Calabrio customers. Ella works to amplify customer stories and foster relationships, while adding joy to our customers’ experience. She joined Calabrio in 2020 and has been a B2B tech marketer for six years. She holds a B.A. in Business Leadership and French from the University of Puget Sound.
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