Five takeaways from Calabrio Customer Connect EMEA
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Five takeaways from C3 EMEA

Last week we brought our customers and partners together in London for our first annual Calabrio Customer Connect EMEA. The momentous event was an opportunity to understand the challenges facing our customers, as well as gather feedback and answer questions about how customers can best leverage Calabrio ONE to drive superior customer experiences and catalyse growth. Here’s a quick glimpse into some of the event’s key takeaways:


According to the report we launched at Calabrio Customer Connect EMEA, Success in The Experience Era: Connecting Customer and C-suite, more than half (52 percent) of senior leaders differentiate their brand based on the service they offer. However, we also found 30 percent of senior leaders are confused about who should take ownership of the customer experience and that less than a third (30 percent) believe customer experience across all their channels is anything more than ‘satisfactory.’


Businesses are increasingly using analytics to identify phrases that could alert them to a problem in the customer experience. However, what about the human factor? We all know there’s a big difference between what people say and what they actually mean, so how can analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) help the contact centre to understand what’s not being said? Companies need analytics tools that can help detect sarcasm, phrases that show intention, and whether people seem warm or cold in their conversation.


Another key theme at C3 was being able to use technology to identify problems before they are flagged to the business by customers. Topic modeling allows contact centres to solve this problem by automating what the brain does naturally. If different words are said, businesses can understand the more significant idea that may be behind it and identify problems. For example, a cruise ship company could identify an outbreak of E.coli without someone even saying the word ‘food poisoning’ simply by picking up and reporting on key phrases to identify a trend. Being able to detect an issue means a brand is able to proactively act on problems and prevent a crisis.


Forecasting is an art that many workforce management (WFM) analysts struggle to perfect—it’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the future. However, an educated estimate can be made when businesses have the right systems in place. It’s important to be able to capture seasonal trends and special events that may change contact centre staffing needs and forecast accurately. By capturing data that reflects the situations companies are trying to forecast, they can establish an optimum workforce to meet customer needs. It’s clear WFM analysts want the option to think about forecasting systematically.


The report we launched at C3 EMEA also reveals 47 percent of CMOs feel they do not have the right tools to understand their customer needs, and it’s imperative to invest in technology that provides the customer insights they are missing. Evaluation forms are one way of measuring feedback but must be reviewed annually to ensure evaluation methods are in line with business goals. These evaluation forms should also be coupled with analytics to understand what customers are suggesting through their communication with the company. Rather than simply auditing a random sampling, look for unusual interactions. For example, review calls that are particularly long, with several transfers or that are placed on hold.

Measuring agent performance is also key to elevating the customer experience. Not only does this allow businesses to coach agents on where improvements can be made, it’s a great way to identify and share best practices. Beyond this, fostering a more competitive spirit can be beneficial for agents, especially when competing against their personal best. Agents want to know how they rank and how they can improve, and providing that insight with advice and support to help up their game is the best route to improving customer experiences.

Did you attend C3 EMEA or have a story or takeaway to share? Tell us your top C3 moment by tweeting us @Calabrio using hashtag #C3.

Learn more about the customer contact centre at Calabrio’s next C3 event taking place in Las Vegas on 1st – 4th October 2017. Register at:

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