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Unparalleled Insights: How AI-Powered Business Intelligence Unlocks Your Contact Center’s Potential


Contact centers produce incredible amounts of data. Yet for too many organizations, the scale and complexity of their customer interaction data isn’t an asset. Instead, it’s a burden, a source of confusion, or a critical challenge to navigate—and usually across multiple applications.

When most organizations analyze only 12 percent of their data, it must be asked: what findings, solutions, and value are waiting to be found among all the data that go unexamined?

Leaders will likely have more practical questions top-of-mind, though. How do we cut through our data to get to the insights we need? How do we turn the untapped potential of all that raw WEM data into opportunity and ROI? And crucially, how do we do so at speed?

Luckily, there’s now an answer to all three of these questions: AI-powered business intelligence for contact centers, in the form of Insights from Calabrio.

The Challenges Contact Centers Face Are Data-Driven 

Data has long been key to improving performance. Just consider the old adage that “you can’t improve what you can’t measure.”

Today, though, this phrase may be beginning to show its age. After all, many decision-makers may feel that they’re measuring too much.

And it’s no wonder. The modern contact center is a wellspring of data—rich, complex data that spans an array of conversations and channels. Organizations have heeded the advice of that adage, adopting solutions that ever more effectively capture all of that data.

The problem, of course, is that pure measurement is not insight and raw data is not intelligence.

As a result, decision-makers up and down the chain of command run into data-driven roadblocks:

  • Executives know they need to improve decisions with data, but it’s hard to know where to start.
  • Contact center leaders are often similarly overwhelmed by data, struggling to balance short-term agility with long-term planning, all as more and more is being asked of their team.
  • Data science resources and analysts of all stripes are stretched thin responding to needs and queries coming from across the business—and without the right tools, must rely on time-intensive and ad-hoc reporting processes to respond.

All told, the improvement offered by measurement—and the promise offered by the era of Big Data—has been hard to come by. At least it has been until now, that is.

The Future of Analytics is Here: How AI Transforms Business Intelligence

Now, with the help of today’s leading-edge technology, translating raw data into useful reports and actionable insights no longer needs to be the time-consuming, labor-intensive stumbling block that it is for so many contact centers.

Insights, the AI-driven business intelligence solution embedded at the heart of the Calabrio ONE workforce engagement management (WEM) platform, leverages industry-leading cloud technology and state-of-the-art generative AI to help teams innovate, adapt, and excel in today’s data-driven environment.

Seamlessly combine all of your WEM and customer interaction data in a single application, and accelerate analysis with Insights’ custom reporting and AI-powered capabilities. Custom reporting tools empower every user, regardless of their expertise, to understand the KPIs that matter most to them, whether they’re focused on WFM, QM, or Analytics. AI-powered Insights can then identify overarching performance trends, as well as underlying sentiment and script compliance—in minutes, rather than hours.

Insights helps you focus on what’s most important, fueling more strategic decision-making with predictive analytics and intuitive, self-service business intelligence that’s built for today’s contact centers. Unlock improved efficiency and enhanced collaboration across your entire organization when you empower any user to access, analyze, report, and share data that drives impact. .

What is a chatbot?

Your WEM data holds the key to truly understanding your customers and your contact center operations. It encompasses the raw voice of your customers and the frontline actions of your agents. While to date, contact center business intelligence tools have helped make sense of this data, moving from information to action still frequently requires significant legwork, and often expertise, from various parts of the business.

This is where Insights’ custom reporting solutions and the artificial intelligence at its core change the game. Data exploration, analysis, and collaboration across the entire contact center have never been simpler.

It starts with custom reporting: Interactive dashboards, pre-built with the contact center in mind, offer immediate feedback and boost engagement by giving every user at-a-glance visibility of reports and KPIs that matter most.

Meanwhile, AI-powered business intelligence accelerates both access to and analysis of the most important—and hard-won—customer and agent data. Using machine learning, Insights goes beyond simple reports. Users can leverage these tools to predict trends, pinpoint unexpected issues, and get to the heart of why things are happening, with no technical expertise required, then easily share with other stakeholders.

AI also helps users across the business dig deeper into this data whenever required. Interacting with data using natural language, they can ask ad-hoc questions and conduct on-the-fly analysis, then share with stakeholders, with ease.

Together, Insights’ custom reporting and AI-powered business intelligence fuel faster, better-informed decisions to help you improve your customer experience and optimize your contact center.

Unlock the Potential of Your Data with Insights

With powerful yet easy-to-use custom reporting solutions and AI-driven business intelligence backing your contact center, your team can:

Shorten the Time to ROI

Gain easy access to critical performance data instantly, and all in one application. Get the insights you need efficiently with the help of easy-to-navigate, easy-to-customize pre-built dashboards. Meanwhile, accelerate analysis and decision-making with the help of automated predictive analytics that helps address issues and proactively identify opportunities as rapidly as they emerge.

Empower Every Employee with Data

Eliminate long wait times for essential data and ease the burden on analysts and IT with the power of AI-driven self-service business intelligence. With just one login for Calabrio ONE and Insights, non-tech users are empowered to quickly and independently create reports and customize dashboards that offer the data and actionable insights they need. All interaction data is right at their fingertips—without the need to jump between applications and data sources.

Drive Greater Collaboration

Break down unnecessary siloes, facilitate collaboration, and improve operational efficiency. With Insights, you not only get the most relevant dashboards and custom reports delivered directly to your inbox every day but can easily share them across your contact center and with stakeholders across the business.

Elevate Your Contact Center

Conquer the complexity of data and rapidly respond to the ever-changing dynamics and daily pressures of the contact center with improved strategic decision-making. Use powerful AI-fueled business intelligence to visualize your Calabrio ONE data. Tell the compelling story of your customers and your contact center—and clearly demonstrate its value to the wider organization.

With Insights, every member on your team holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your WEM data. Learn more about the ways Insights accelerates time to impact, and book a demo of Calabrio ONE today to experience the game-changing capabilities of AI-powered business intelligence and custom reporting for yourself.

As the Product Marketing Manager for WFM at Calabrio
As the Product Marketing Manager for WFM at Calabrio, Florian matches extensive experience in the contact center space with a unique bilingual worldview that gives a distinctive take on contact center challenges and technology. A contact center veteran with years of experience helming WFM teams, Florian loves to share his knowledge with other CX professionals. He can often be found walking the beach with his family hunting shells, playing guitar, or even flying the occasional airplane, but his inspiration is found in his wife and daughter. A quick "Bonjour!" to Florian will have him reminiscing of his Mother's French cuisine.
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