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How to Score a Contact Center Intelligence Hat Trick

Calabrio headquarters are based in Minnesota and its Center of Excellence for Analytics based in Vancouver Canada. You can’t live in either place and NOT know hockey playoffs are happening right now. It’s practically sacred.

So it seemed appropriate when developing this week’s live webinar to weave in some sort of hockey theme. It also seemed appropriate because—much like hockey is a power sport—the topic on which we’re presenting holds such immense power and promise for today’s contact center: customer intelligence data.

Intrigued? Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in our live webinar.

Offside Penalty: Data Silos in Your Multichannel Contact Center

Reporting on and analyzing information is critical to the effective management of contact centers.

Yet Forrester Research shows 60 percent of contact center decision makers are concerned about how long it takes receive relevant information via new reports and dashboards. And two out of three decision makers say it’s difficult to get the right answers from their current business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools.1

No one can deny reporting and BI are mission-critical assets to the success of your contact center. The challenge lies in accessing and synthesizing all of the data required for a comprehensive understanding of contact center challenges and opportunities.

That’s because customer-related data is stored in a multitude—sometimes even a dozen or more—of disparate systems and locations commonly referred to as “data silos.” These separate databases each house an abundance of information that individually tells us a part of the customer experience story; users, however, are left to their own devices much of the time when it comes to attempting to gain holistic insight on aspects like the entire customer journey, factors impacting customer satisfaction, or scenarios that prevent a successful sales transaction.

Data silos make it difficult—or even impossible—to spot opportunities, trends and problems affecting the organization as a whole, and they act as barriers to overall collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

Unfortunately, this situation is only getting more complicated. Now we’re adding into the mix:

  • a burgeoning array of channels used to communicate with customers, such as email, chat and social media;
  • spreadmarts—spreadsheets used to manually mash together data coming from many different sources and other reports;
  • other data sources, such as information from external partners, business processing outsourcers (BPO) or other enterprise applications;
  • new breeds of systems that house unstructured and streaming forms of data; and
  • Big Data, consisting of variety of data structures and formats—structured, semi-structured or completely unstructured.

These issues lead to a fractured and inaccurate view of the contact center operation. And, while these challenges aren’t insurmountable, they do require a modern, strategic approach in order to overcome them.

Hip Check Your Data to Score an In-Depth View of the Entire Customer Journey

You probably already have much of the raw data you need to dig into the full customer interaction experience—call detail records, call-by-call transaction logs from an automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) interaction transactions, etc.—but your current reporting capabilities just can’t get to it. Even if it could, you need to be able to drill down into individual interactions to understand what happened in detail,not just assess in summary or in aggregate generalized customer interaction metrics.

That’s why we designed Calabrio Advanced Reporting as a complete, end-to-end platformthat analyzes holistic, omnichannel performance. It encompasses the complete spectrum of BI—from back-end data collection, processing, optimization and storage to front-end data design and visualization. Advanced Reporting integrates and unifies any and all relevant, raw data—historical batch data, granular contact interaction data, or streaming, real-time event data—regardless of where it resides, into organized and intelligent structures, then delivers powerful insights via intuitive, highly visual dashboards and reports.

With Advanced Reporting, you can:

  • collect, aggregate and visualize overall performance across all of your various systems—all those data silos—and across all relevant communication channels, such as voice, chat, email, video and social media;
  • turn that raw data into easily consumable, interactive reports and dashboards that can be easily created by even non-technical business users; and
  • radically improve organizational performance thanks to key performance management insights that are easily explored, shared and acted upon.

If you’re ready to score an in-depth view of your entire customer journey and gain a better understanding and greater insight into the actual customer interaction experience your contact center provides, you’ll want to attend this week’s live webinar.

Join Calabrio as we share three ways companies can score stronger ROI from customer intelligence data—register now for our April 25, 2018 webinar, How to Score a Contact Center Intelligence Hat Trick.


1Forrester, “Boost The Value Of Your BI With Advanced Search.” October 2014

Richard McElroy leads Calabrio’s Center of Excellence for Analytics based in Vancouver, BC Canada, as well as Calabrio’s Innovation Center. He brings over 20 years of high tech and Business Intelligence software industry experience. As an experienced, hands-on senior leader, Richard is instrumental in evolving the development and marketing of Calabrio Advanced Reporting – a multi-tiered contact center Business Intelligence platform that delivers data integration, reporting, analytics and information management capabilities.
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