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Adding Call Recording: Back to the Basics


Call recording is one of the core requirements for contact centers. With voice still being the most critical and main channel used, being able to securely and reliably record calls no matter where the agent sits is a must—especially in today’s environment.

In addition, something we’ve all experienced recently, being able to rapidly respond and adapt to change is a core requirement for any business.

What to Consider with Contact Center Call Recording

Some contact centers found it easier to adapt than others. As you look to the future and ways to improve going forward, following are considerations to keep in mind for the basic but important requirement of call recording:

Consider the Cloud

If you’re not already in the cloud, definitely look at a cloud solution:

    • With automatic upgrades you’ll have access to new, innovative features throughout the year instead of once every few years.
    • There’s no infrastructure for you to maintain so there’s less burden on your IT team. That frees them up for more business impacting activities.
    • Cloud solutions provide the ultimate in scalability and reliability – flex up or down as you need to and have peace of mind knowing that system availability comes with a guarantee.
    • You’re not sacrificing security, in fact studies have shown that data stored in the cloud is actually more secure than data stored in legacy on-premises systems.

Ease of Administration

Regardless of how you choose to deploy – on-prem, cloud or hybrid – you’ll want a system that’s easy to manage and maintain.  Look for a recording solution that affords proactive maintenance and monitoring capabilities from a single, web-based administration tool. This is especially important for global or multi-site contact centers.  Your administrator doesn’t want the hassle of logging into multiple systems and applications to maintain all sites. Look for a recording solution that allows your administrator to configure, monitor and maintain all sites from one system and one administration console that’s accessible from anywhere at any time.

Meet Your Needs, Not the Vendors

Check that you have the freedom to choose the recording option that works best for your company.

    • If you’re a global or multi-site contact center, ensure that you have multiple recording options to choose from and can treat each site independently.
    • If you need to make a change, for example shift all agents to remote workers, ensure you can do so without having to move mountains or stand up a whole new system.
    • With the recent shift to remote workers, look for a solution that ensures secure, reliable call recording with options to optimize bandwidth. This should come standard, at no extra cost. Read our complete guide to managing remote workers to learn more.
    • Look for a solution that provides key functionality out-of-the-box with options to customize the solution to meet your specific business needs.

Call Recording in the Contact Center

Call recording is the start of the data trail that leads to the all-important voice of the customer. Be sure you have a recording solution in place to securely and reliably capture that voice.

Learn more about Calabrio Call Recording that’s part of the fully integrated Calabrio ONE suite.

Terri Kocon is a Software Product Marketing Manager at Calabrio
Terri Kocon is a Software Product Marketing Manager for Calabrio with 20+ years of industry experience spanning product marketing, channel marketing and digital marketing in the high tech industry. Terri leverages her unique skill set and technical knowledge to translate the capabilities of SaaS-based and on-premises solutions into effective product messaging and go-to-market plans across various channels and audiences.
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