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Celebrating Outstanding Achievements by Calabrio ONE Customers

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Since joining Calabrio this past spring, I’ve been in awe of our company’s unwavering commitment to helping organizations deliver the best in customer experience. And that’s no easy task given how quickly and dramatically the landscape evolves. But—like the customer journey itself—it’s a continuous process that starts long before a sale is complete.

Never-ending journeys like these demand the utmost care and nurturing of the individuals responsible for guiding customers to their intended destination. Those individuals are the heart and blood of any business: your contact center teams.

Nowhere is this more evident than with the below winners of our second annual Calabrio ONE Awards. These companies empower these teams in order to evolve their contact centers to meet new customer and workforce demands, improve employee engagement and satisfaction, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. They know contact centers—and the customer service teams that power them—are the new epicenters of the customer experience.


Since 2007, LendingClub has helped millions of people take control of their debt, grow their small businesses, and invest for the future. Using Calabrio ONE to drive efficiencies in their loan application review team, LendingClub was able to increase loan decisions per hour and thus reduce turnaround time for borrowers.

THE GLOBETROTTER – Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils has seen tremendous growth in the United States and around the world, expanding from a few contact centers and a few hundred agents to more than 900 agents located in seven countries. In 2018, Young Living launched Calabrio ONE in several global markets to manage different agent languages, skill mappings and schedules. Using Calabrio, Young Living quickly and easily manages staffing needs and continues to uphold its “member-first” core value.

THE CONVERTER – Paychex, Inc.

Paychex moved from three disparate workforce management (WFM) tools to Calabrio ONE and launched the WFM solution to new teams within the company to simplify the governance and standardization process to move the business forward. Today, Calabrio ONE is used by more than 1,000 employees across multiple divisions with plans for future growth.

THE TRAILBLAZER – Sequential Technology International (STI)

Since launching the Calabrio ONE cloud platform, STI has been at the forefront of implementing and driving innovation through integrating the platform capabilities with the operational needs of their complex Customer Experience business. Through collaboration with Calabrio, STI has incorporated agent level performance and scheduling with quality processes to provide a critical portal that drives PCI Compliance, improves agent conformity, increases productivity, and enhances customer satisfaction measurements across their domestic and international centers of excellence.

THE ENGAGER – Radial, a bpost company

As ecommerce evolves, Radial has sought to invest and innovate with new offerings to meet increasing customer expectations. The company needed a nimble and flexible recording platform that would allow for scale in any location, at any time. After implementing Calabrio ONE, Radial unified data from disparate sources into a powerful analytics engine, empowering business users, decision makers and analysts to use valuable insights to drive change.

THE LEADER – Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is focused on optimizing every layer of the business. By utilizing Calabrio ONE to manage agent schedules and automate reporting, the company’s workforce management team went from data entry to an analyst department with an even more engaged workforce. The company has saved on costs and has seen a gain in service levels and a decrease in abandon rates.

THE ANALYZER – Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. focuses on bringing the voice of its customer to decision makers. With the use of Calabrio ONE, Tiffany & Co. has extracted real customer voices that are relevant to identify new customer concerns and share with management. The customer data also allows the company to validate assumptions and allocate resources on IT roadmaps.


Rackspace is a tech-savvy IT company that runs its contact center in the cloud. After implementing the Calabrio ONE cloud platform, the company found an innovative way to connect disparate ticketing systems and measure against service level agreements and adjust as needed. Rackspace also utilizes Calabrio to better manage agent scheduling and skill sets, resulting in improved adherence and customer satisfaction.

THE CHAMPION – Nicole Price (Radial, a bpost company)

As a leader in the Calabrio Champions Network, Nicole Price consistently advocates for the Calabrio ONE platform through reference calls, analyst inquiries, trade shows and case studies. Her contributions to the Calabrio workforce optimization community have driven improvements to the Calabrio ONE product suite.


We are constantly inspired by how our customers are using the Calabrio ONE platform to drive real business change. These companies are transforming the entire customer experience, and we are excited to be on this journey with them.

Doug Lang, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Calabrio
Doug Lang, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Calabrio, oversees Calabrio’s Professional Services, Support Services and Training Organization. He ensures Calabrio customers are fully supported throughout the entire customer lifecycle, driving customer success and improved time to value. With nearly 25 years’ experience, Doug has built multiple services organizations focused on long-standing customer relationships, and led high-growth companies through the evolution to cloud. Prior to joining Calabrio, Doug was SVP of Business Operations for Arrow System Integration, a leading systems integrator, where he architected a high-impact services organization of more than 500 people. Prior to Arrow, he held services leadership roles at Cross Telecom and ACT. Doug holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology Education.
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