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Eliminating Data Disparity: Q&A with UJET COO Vasili Triant

Eliminating Data Disparity: Q&A with UJET COO Vasili Triant

Originally deployed primarily by larger or more sophisticated contact centers, analytics quickly emerged as a “must-have” application for modern customer service teams. Yet confusion still surrounds the optimal functionalities these analytics must have.

Look at the term “real-time feed.” You’ve probably heard contact center system vendors touting their ability to provide real-time feeds of data. But when you dig deeper—or have the misfortune of realizing only after you’ve purchased and implemented a new system—the majority of these vendors don’t offer real-time feeds at all.

That’s because of the way in which their systems process and deliver data: they collect it, batch it, and then send it. This traditional and outdated method creates delays lasting minutes, or even hours.

The result is “data disparity.”

I recently chatted with Vasili Triant, chief operating officer for cloud contact center platform provider UJET, about this data disparity threat and how UJET’s new partnership with Calabrio can end data disparity once and for all. Here’s what he said.

Vasili, I know this issue of data disparity is near and dear to your heart. Why is it such a problem for contact centers?

Just think about the growing number of separate systems that create, interact with and need to share contact center data daily. Then think about how few of these systems refresh data at exactly same time (or times) each day. Right off the bat, data is out of sync and doesn’t match.

When information from various legacy systems doesn’t match up—which it won’t—users stop trusting the data and eventually stop looking at the inaccurate operational reports intended to help them deliver a superior customer experience (CX).

Now, data disparity is always a problem for contact centers. But the massive, unforeseen events of 2020 made it even more apparent how imperative it is for contact center agents to be able to easily access accurate, up-to-date customer data. In many cases, the survival of their business may depend on it.

UJET recently announced something called “CCaaS 3.0.” What is that, why does it matter and how does it solve the issue of data disparity?

What’s happened in 2020 has quickly and—in many ways—irreversibly changed the customer service landscape. Consumer behavior has changed. Agent scheduling has changed. Contact center working environments have changed. And expectations for the customer experience have changed.

That’s where CCaaS 3.0 comes in. CCaaS 3.0 is a predictive, contextual and conversational customer experience (CX) that represents a seismic shift in contact center operations because it addresses long-standing design flaws and conventional thinking that have failed to evolve in parallel with the changing human interaction landscape.

Its real-time exchange of data is designed to support channel blending and a seamless, unified customer journey while eliminating data disparity. CCaaS 3.0 creates a single source of truth for brands, so they don’t have to try to stitch together incomplete or inaccurate information. It adds intelligence and automation throughout the entire contact center interaction process, so customers are served faster. It’s purpose-built for CRM, and is resilient and scalable. And it provides unmatched privacy protection since it doesn’t create or store any data of its own.

That does sound truly revolutionary. Beyond our technical compatibility, what was it about Calabrio that appealed to UJET from a partnership perspective?

Calabrio and UJET share many of the same CX philosophies and DNA—an extremely important culture mash that benefits our customers in a number of ways. Or, as I like to say—we’re both real, and we’re both actionable. Absolutely no smoke and mirrors.

Both of our platforms eliminate data disparity because they are true, real-time feeds that share data with each other and provide a multi-faceted view of customers and agents. Together, there’s no limit to the positive impact Calabrio and UJET can have across the contact center.

Can you give me an example? How, for instance, does a CCaaS 3.0 approach and the elimination of data disparity improve contact center quality management?


Let’s say you’re running a legacy contact center platform. The system simply can’t accept information in real-time, and it certainly can’t scale efficiently—if at all. That’s because the vendor’s legacy architecture incorporates all of the point solutions it’s acquired over the years—sometimes hundreds of products. And none of those technologies have ever been consolidated at the code level. This kind of disconnect severely limits your quality management activities.

Now compare that scenario to the creative, limitless kind of human-centric quality management enabled by UJET’s partnership with Calabrio. With our *real* real-time data feeds, you can, for instance:

  • correlate how the quality management workflows and processes you build drive direct progress against key company goals;
  • use quality management scores to optimize the routing of calls;
  • review every interaction variable—such as the incoming communication channel, average hold time and the menu keystrokes used—in order to continually increase a process’s nimbleness and flexibility; and
  • leverage predictive models to better understand if changes will drive the intended results—for example, if taking users down a different workflow path would drive higher lifetime value (LTV), NPS or customer satisfaction.

It’s in ways like this that UJET and Calabrio together deliver the next generation of cloud contact center. And it’s one that eliminates data disparity altogether. Find out more about Calabrio’s integration with UJET.

Calabrio is a trusted ally to leading brands. The digital foundation of a customer-centric contact centre, the Calabrio ONE workforce performance suite helps enrich and understand human interactions, empowering your contact centre as a brand guardian. We maximise agent performance, exceed customer expectations, and boost workforce efficiency using connected data, AI-fueled analytics, automated workforce management, and personalised coaching. Only Calabrio ONE unites workforce optimisation (WFO), agent engagement, and business intelligence solutions into a true-cloud, fully integrated suite that adapts to your business. For customers and partners.
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