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Hip Hip Hooray! Calabrio Customer is a Finalist for SWPP WFM Professional of the Year

Hip Hip Hooray! Calabrio Customer is a Finalist for SWPP WFM Professional of the Year

We’ve seen customers creatively step up to the challenges of this unique year—engaging their workforce and delivering on customer service expectations. We’re proud to share that one of these innovators has been recognized by the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals as a top-notch contact center leader.

Three cheers to Aaron Jacobs of GE Appliances! Here’s his profile, provided by SWPP.


Aaron Jacobs is Director of Workforce Optimization & Analytics for GE Appliances, which is one of the largest appliance companies in the U.S.  Although all agents are now working from home, the company previously operated three centers, seven-days and 14-hours per day processing approximately 2 million inbound phone, chat, email, and social media contacts per month.  The technology in place includes Calabrio ONE, AWS Connect and Salesforce.  The WFM team consists of 10 members.

AJ was well on his way to developing a cohesive WFM plan for GE Appliances contact centers when COVID-19 hit. It was then that AJ faced an additional, never-before-seen challenge: he had to redefine the entire process to support shifting all of the call center employees from working in corporate contact centers to working remotely, from home — and only had two weeks to do it.

That challenge, however, wasn’t the only one caused by the pandemic. AJ quickly realized the pandemic didn’t just amplify all his contact center’s problems — it created new ones, too. Contact center volumes had skyrocketed by 50% and were far exceeding the existing plan’s forecast and budget.

In only a year — and in spite of the unforeseeable and unimaginable challenges posed by COVID-19 — AJ has implemented a formal WFM plan and executed deliberate operational changes that already are delivering tangible, significant results to GE Appliances’ contact center. Some examples:

  • Cost per call has decreased by 15%
  • The contact center workforce only had to grow 20-25% — to 800+ total — in order to cover an unexpected 50% increase in calls during COVID-19
  • Adherence has improved by 20%, to its current rate of over 90%
  • Attrition has shrunk — by more than 25% in some groups

The resulting benefits to GE Appliances’ bottom line are equally impressive. The organization was able to prove significant savings — the equivalent of 2-3 teams of full-time employees — for a 12-month period. There’s also been an opportunity to generate more revenue for the company than before, with the team working hard to turn the call center from a cost center to a profit center.

But an environment of continual improvement requires sustained commitment, intrinsically inspired leaders, and highly engaged team members. That’s why, for instance, AJ debriefs for 30 minutes with his team every morning on what happened yesterday, what’s happening today and what they need to get ahead of for tomorrow. He meets weekly with every business owner to review trends and staffing in order to optimize processes on a consistent basis. It’s with this spirit of team and connectedness that AJ sets the standard for service and support at GE Appliances.

For more on the SWPP Workforce Professional of the Year Award, visit their awards page.

Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio.
Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio. He has over two decades of experience in the workforce engagement management and customer service space, working in a mix of roles and departments across the world: from R&D to consultancy to his role as Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti. Today, he oversees Calabrio’s product go-to-market efforts. Magnus works closely with product line managers who shape the roadmap and strategies for the full Calabrio suite and oversees the product marketing team to offer software that enables users, engages frontline employees and elevates the end-customer experience.
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