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Public Cloud is Now the Preferred Place for Sensitive Data

A new Intel survey shows that more businesses are seeing the security advantages of the cloud—and rapidly shifting sensitive data and business-critical functions to cloud-based solutions. Intel Security’s February 2017 survey of more than 2,000 cloud security professionals found that “trust and perception of public cloud services continues to improve year-over-year,” with those who trust cloud security outnumbering those with lingering concerns by more than 2:1.

Intel says the increased trust in the security offered by public cloud solutions—and, specifically, greater understanding of these benefits among senior management—is leading more businesses to store sensitive data in the public cloud. Three-quarters of the organizations surveyed store sensitive data in public clouds, with 1 in 4 storing all of their sensitive data in the cloud. Interestingly, customer information—including contact center interaction data—is the most common type of data stored in public clouds.

But most importantly, Intel found that businesses aren’t simply viewing cloud security as “good enough”—they believe the cloud is actually a more secure place for their sensitive and valuable data. Survey respondents said they believe public-cloud-based solutions deliver improved data security and provide greater data visibility, while lowering total costs.

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