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From Calabrio With Love

Dear Calabrio Customers,

We’ve been together for a while now and we think it’s finally time we tell you how we feel. The truth is we’re feeling a lot of love.

We love that you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and that you challenge our product teams to dream bigger and deliver more. We love that you rally behind our biggest announcements. And we love that you’re just as obsessed about delivering a top quality customer experience as we are.

You’re the reason Calabrio is what it is today. Without you, 60% of Calabrio ONE’s features would not exist. Gartner and Forrester may never have named us a leader in Workforce Optimization, and we certainly wouldn’t be leading the industry in innovation the way we do today (ahem…first fully multitenanted, feature-rich cloud product on the market!).

You drive us. Whether it’s enhancing our analytics capabilities so you can start predicting your customers’ next moves, or launching a cloud platform so you can easily scale up and down with seasonal demand, we do it all for you.

Why? Because we care, and we love you right back. So this is our promise to you.

We promise to give your contact center agents the freedom to work from anywhere and the right desktop applications to make each interaction a personalized one. We promise your contact center managers will feel excited about the opportunities to effectively coach and engage teams so that customer interaction quality scores go up. We promise scheduling and quality monitoring will feel like a walk in the park. We promise your business will finally be able to unlock the voice of the customer and have the rich insights it needs to make confident and informed organizational decisions. Most importantly, we promise to never stop listening, because together we make a great team.

It’s not every day that a business can make these kinds of promises to customers and actually mean them, but for us it’s a no-brainer. Our relationship with you is what matters most—on Valentine’s Day and every day.



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