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Put empathy at the forefront of your customer service strategy

Now more than ever, it’s crucial we understand what challenges our customers are going through and develop ways we can help. The foundation of this process is listening and communication.

The last few weeks has impacted us all in different ways. There is a heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty as we deal with the implications of COVID-19. The business objectives your organization set forth at the beginning of the year have likely been either fundamentally altered or have needed to be adjusted during this time.

Customers, employees, family members all are looking for a sense of predictability and stability during this time. It makes communication and a feeling that concerns are heard at an increased importance.

As the COVID-19 situation has unfolded, organizations have, in some cases, adjusted their organizational strategy to focus more on their current customer’s needs, challenges and employees.

Below is a summary of how Calabrio increased its efforts to provide its customers with increased communication, product tips and development of customer feedback mechanisms.

As customer experience professionals, our job is now more important than ever. Hopefully the tactics below will provide your organization with some ideas or insights.

Calabrio’s COVID-19 Customer Response Plan

  1. Customer Action Committee: As the COVID-19 situation was unfolding in real time, we started to hear from customers across a variety of industries. In response, a customer action committee was created to outline how best to listen and respond to our customer challenges.
  2. Listen and communicate: Immediately after the CAC was formed, we created a COVID-19 customer forum (login required) where customers could go to get information, help and tips on how to use the Calabrio ONE product suite to adjust to this new normal. We also set up a forum where customers can share their experiences with each other and talk about how they are navigating the crisis.
  3. Offer help: As we continued to hear from customers about their experiences and challenges, we developed recordings and webinars to address each of these concerns. This is an ongoing project as we continue to navigate this new landscape.
  4. Insight and Innovation: An important part of this process is to not stop listening and continue to seek customer feedback. This feedback is crucial for not only helping our customers overcome this current challenge but in also shaping our Calabrio ONE solution for the future.

For more tips and advice from our experts, check out our Complete Guide to Managing a Remote Workforce.

Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio. He has over two decades of experience in the workforce engagement management and customer service space, working in a mix of roles and departments across the world: from R&D to consultancy to his role as Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti. Today, he oversees Calabrio’s product go-to-market efforts. Magnus works closely with product line managers who shape the roadmap and strategies for the full Calabrio suite and oversees the product marketing team to offer software that enables users, engages frontline employees and elevates the end-customer experience.
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