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Calabrio Analytics: The Way to Greater QM and CX Success

If you use Calabrio Quality Management, you’ve proven how committed you are to increasing your contact center’s operational efficiency, improving customer service and motivating agents.

But you’re still only at the beginning of the data trail that leads to the all-important voice of the customer (VoC). And if you don’t bolster Calabrio Quality Management with a tool like Calabrio Analytics that can quickly, incisively combine and analyze all the data collected by your quality management efforts, it’s a data trail that will remain largely untapped.

With Calabrio Analytics, however, you can simply, accurately and cost-effectively analyze customer interactions and agent activity. It’s a multichannel, all-in-one solution that gives you the power to:

  • Capture and transform data, turning raw interactions into usable data
  • Analyze that data to reveal predictive and prescriptive insights — without needing a data science degree
  • Visualize that data, seeing the story your VoC data tells, in simple terms

Calabrio Analytics is flexible and easy to use, too. You can customize it to fit your specific business and budget needs while using your existing databases and storage systems. Plus, your users can become highly proficient in only a few hours thanks to the modern interface and intuitive workflows of Calabrio Analytics.

In fact, the solution delivers a wealth of benefits to three key roles largely responsible for customer-experience (CX) excellence: quality managers, contact center directors and vice presidents (VPs)/C-level executives.

Quality Managers

If you’re a quality manager who can analyze only a tiny portion of your contact center’s interactions, you might frequently feel like you’re missing something. You probably don’t have enough time to properly evaluate data. You probably can’t properly coach and train your agents. And your contact center’s quality scores probably don’t match your CX metrics.

By adding Calabrio Analytics to Calabrio Quality Management, you can get the richer, more holistic insights you need to evaluate, motivate and engage agents in stronger, longer-lasting ways.

You can do things like:

  • Combine AI-fueled predictive evaluation scores with sentiment analysis and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to identify the best areas on which to focus
  • Base decisions on 100% of all interactions — voice/speech, text and desktop — across every channel
  • Calibrate quality management assessments and Quality Standards Definition Documents (QSDDs) according to what customers actually think
  • Shift the focus of your quality management programs from transactional quality evaluations to larger business issues

Thanks to Calabrio Analytics, AAA Northeast Quality Assurance Manager Helen Cox says, “We’ve decreased our average handle time by 14 seconds, and we know that 14 seconds is equivalent to one full-time employee.”

Contact Center Directors

If you’re a contact center director who doesn’t have a holistic view of all your data, you don’t have the visibility you need to operate most effectively and efficiently. And you probably don’t have a dedicated data science team to dig into it on your behalf. Yet you’re challenged to be modern and digital-first — and your CX is constantly compared against the CX delivered by deep-pocketed brand giants.

When you pair Calabrio Analytics with Calabrio Quality Management, however, you can make better, more informed business decisions by leveraging richer insights — none of which are based on surveys.

You can do things like:

  • View full interaction insights via unified, hyper-personalized dashboards and a revolutionary, vertical-layout media player with parallel panels
  • Leverage unified speech phonetics, speech-to-text (STT), text and desktop analytics to uncover training opportunities, bad language habits and technology bottlenecks
  • Set enterprise-level KPIs quickly and easily using pre-built templates

Calabrio Analytics is so powerful that GreenPath Financial Wellness Director of Client Services and Program Performance David Flores says, “[Calabrio Analytics] is like opening up a brand-new toy at Christmas. You just want to keep playing with it.”

VPs / C-Level Executives

If you’re a VP or C-level exec who doesn’t have access to quality management analytics, you know you need to modernize your contact center. You’re missing key CX opportunities, your customer journey is riddled with blackholes and you’re at greater risk for employee attrition. But it can be difficult to identify what to fix and when to fix it. And it can be even harder to coach and engage agents in an inspired way that makes them want to stay.

When you bolster your quality management program with Calabrio Analytics, however, you can empower your team members to become data-driven decision makers. That will, in turn, help your contact center deliver the best-possible CX.

You can do things like:

  • Proactively respond to CX issues, using holistic contact center data as a guide
  • Understand the root cause(s) of quality management problems to better support the strategies intended to solve them
  • Keep company operations ahead of the curve thanks to accurate CX predictions fueled by artificial intelligence-powered analytics
  • Make better CX and contact center business continuity plans based on issue predictions and trend visualizations

Calabrio Analytics is the reason why Delta Dental Chief Operating Officer Rich DeMarco says, “We expect throughout the remainder of the year to continue to reduce our defect rate by 40%, which will drive additional improvement in first contact resolution.”

It’s time to explore your entire VoC data trail and reap the business rewards waiting there for you. Learn more about adding Calabrio Analytics to Calabrio Quality Management — read our new ebook, “Transform Your Quality Program with Calabrio Analytics.”

Jennifer Docken joined Calabrio’s product marketing team as the QM Product Marketing Manager in 2021. As an experienced B2B marketer she brings with her 10+ years of marketing experience across multiple industries. She is innovated minded with a strong drive to understand customer constraints and how to break down barriers. She strives to better understand the pressures put on the modern Contact Center and how to drive customer satisfaction and agent engagement.
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