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Complete Guide to Contact Center Quality Management
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The Voice of the Service Desk


There are few things in life that grab the attention of IT leaders, and it’s been my experience that there are two rising stars in the world of “What application is best?” for Quality Management of all user interaction and Service Desk interaction to log issues, track progress, and manage incident resolution.

Service Desk analysts/managers are routinely asked to improve performance and ensure a high level of satisfaction for employees and customers alike.

Leaders charged with managing a Service Desk typically do regular service performance reviews and are tasked with providing service reports detailing each customer interaction and any breaches to SLA targets.

Then when necessary, investigations are undertaken to avoid disputes or encourage good behavior and actions taken to prevent or promote re-occurrence. Typically, all the above happens and then service improvement initiatives are discussed, and progress updates are provided.

Typical questions that arise during service improvement discussions:

  • Do you wish you had more visibility into what’s happening across your service delivery organization to better understand customer issues?
  • How are you tracking these data points?
  • How are you maintaining historical records?
  • How are you analyzing them to find trends?

Enter Calabrio and ServiceNow!

Calabrio’s mantra could not be simpler and more accurate: Capture Every Voice. Make Every Interaction Count.

The goal of this integration concept is to record every call, every time and transform customer interaction into a trove of highly usable data. Using the ServiceNow interface you can quickly search hundreds of hours of calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risk by connecting the voice of your customer in a single pane of glass.

Think of the following outcomes:

  • Every ticket event will be accompanied by a Calabrio call recording. Much like you would search for a ticket and where historical activities are logged, a link to each interaction is also defined for review.
  • You can then provide Quality Assurance (QA) for every interaction and eliminate disputes because you will have an index of every audio interaction related to the initial event.
    • Provide QA to improve first call resolution rates, and deliver an improved user experience
    • With Calabrio ONE, you can marry the call experience with the activity of the ITSM User
    • With respect to non-phone ITSM efforts, Calabrio ONE can be the de facto QA tool
  • Capturing calls serves as a baseline to run analytics against trends
    • Analytics can be used for more advanced trending based on the needs of large enterprises that are looking to understand the particular needs of its customer interactions, such as “Why are people calling?”

These integration concepts have a direct and profound impact on customer experiences throughout the lifecycle of interaction and beyond.

By combining Calabrio ONE and the power of ServiceNow, you can develop a complete ITSM experience.

Deploy Calabrio ONE in concert with your ServiceNow platform to create a system of engagement that records, captures and analyzes customer interactions to provide a single view that will help you improve the service desk and customer experience.

Enable Powerful Analytics Capabilities

Customers are able to build powerful, fully customizable dashboards and reports from within any of the service management applications and connect call data with Calabrio’s advanced analytics tools for interaction insights.

Through our strategic partnerships with Calabrio and ServiceNow, CDI can provide complete end-to-end service management for every department in the enterprise, while using the integrated platform to help our customers drive service-oriented strategy across their IT operations.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at [email protected] or view our ServiceNow capabilities here.

Check out everything you ever wanted to know about Calabrio here.

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