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CX Empowerment, Part 3: Cloud Empowers Agents to Deliver a Better Customer Experience from Anywhere

In our first two blogs of this four-part “CX Empowerment” series, I explained why we at Calabrio now believe cloud and cloud-powered workforce management (WFM) are the only right choices for all customer service organizations, and how only cloud enables customer experience (CX) managers to lead in a better, brand-new way .

Managers, however, aren’t the only contact center roles that benefit from cloud. In the past year, we saw companies with modern, cloud-based WFM platforms like Calabrio ONE enjoy better agent engagement and lower agent attrition during a time of incredible uncertainty and turmoil.

That’s because cloud WFM platforms give agents the flexibility and autonomy they need to stay motivated and uphold high levels of service quality—all while meeting personal needs that are often unpredictable.

Here’s why.

Agents have more control over which shifts they work—and how long those shifts are.

With cloud-based Calabrio ONE, agents can more easily adjust their work schedule to their personal needs. Agents can jump on and jump off shifts with more frequency. They can work shorter shifts. Some agents end up working more hours altogether because of the new scheduling flexibility that cloud affords them.

For example, Calabrio’s self-scheduling capability lets agents change their lunch and break times on their own, with no need for manual managerial approvals. And Calabrio’s Intraday Dynamic Scheduling lets select agents easily add voluntary overtime or time off—or both—to their schedules as they desire, based upon guidelines set by the organization. Approved requests are automatically incorporated into the agent’s schedule, then readily accessible on-demand via any mobile device.

Agents are more empowered.

With cloud-based Calabrio ONE, agents are empowered to deliver more consistent, higher-quality customer service. They have more data visible to them when working with customers, including rich, unified, real-time insights sourced from data stored across a variety of systems—like automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice recognition (IVR), quality monitoring, CRM and human resources.

Calabrio ONE, for example, gives agents a 360-degree view of each customer. They can see how many times a specific customer has called and whether the customer’s sentiment was positive, negative or neutral for each call. Calabrio ONE’s agent performance dashboard also lets agents proactively monitor progress against their individual KPIs, so they can course-correct and self-manage their own work.

Agents can work from anywhere.

With cloud-based Calabrio ONE, agents no longer are reliant on a desk phone that’s hardwired to an office network. They can get online and take calls from virtually anywhere, using only a computer and a microphone. It’s in this way that only cloud-based WFM like Calabrio ONE empowers agents to deliver a better customer experience—from anywhere.

Watch for the fourth and final blog in this “CX Empowerment” series, where we’ll explore in more detail how only the cloud can deliver the superior CX today’s weary customers have come to expect.

The new Calabrio ONE is powered by the cloud, with next-generation workforce management software at its center.

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