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CX Empowerment, Part 2: Cloud Empowers Managers to Lead in a Better, Brand-New Way

Last week, I referred to Calabrio as —a “first-to-cloud and cloud-first” company.

No longer “cloud-agnostic,” we at Calabrio believe cloud is the better, more strategic choice for all customer service organizations. In fact, we went so far as to say cloud and cloud-powered workforce management (WFM) are the only right choice.

This statement is particularly true for members of the CX management team. Whether you’re a C-level executive, contact center director or WFM specialist, you need to nimbly steer your team through—and protect your CX during—the unpredictable era in which we find ourselves.

You need to lead in a better, brand-new way. And only cloud can help you do that.

With cloud-based WFM like Calabrio ONE, you easily and effectively can manage your employees no matter where you work. When issues arise—calls aren’t routing properly, average handle time (AHT) is increasing, adherence rate is dropping, etc.—you can easily make changes and adjust contact center operations very quickly, in real-time, from wherever you are, without waiting on help from IT.

With cloud-based WFM like Calabrio ONE, you can manage all employees in the same way no matter where they are. Whether they work from a desk in a contact center, from their home or from anywhere else, cloud-based WFM levels the playing field for all.

With cloud-based WFM like Calabrio ONE, you not only get the exact same functionality as you do with on-prem WFM—oftentimes, you get even better, richer capabilities that are faster and easier to use. For example, building out workflows and customizations is easier to do with cloud WFM than it is with on-prem WFM thanks to more intuitive drag-and-drop features.

With cloud-based WFM like Calabrio ONE, you can more quickly take advantage of new WFM features and capabilities because they’re automatically added to your instance—and update on their own—at no additional cost to you. (Bonus: Calabrio even lets you leave other legacy, on-prem contact center systems in place when you move WFM to the cloud, then migrate them in stages instead of moving everything all at once.)

With cloud-based WFM like Calabrio ONE, you don’t have to worry about unexpected data volumes restricting how thoroughly you analyze data or blowing up your contact center budget. Data renowned for gobbling up on-prem storage and increasing deployment TCO—like call transcriptions, for example—instead is stored in the cloud, where your cost is based upon the number of users who access the application, not the amount of storage consumed.

In fact, the opportunity that cloud delivers when it comes to using analytics to manage contact centers in a better, brand-new way is a really big deal—after all, you can’t truly unlock the power of contact center analytics if you limit insight based upon storage capacity and fees. This analytics opportunity is also an area where Calabrio really sets itself apart.

Rich products like Calabrio Analytics and Calabrio Data Management have artificial intelligence (AI) built into them, so you can record, transcribe and analyze all of your contact center’s calls, not just the ones your team can get to using old, manual methods. You can analyze and understand a customer’s speech, their text and even their sentiment. And you can quickly and easily visualize data in the way most useful to you and your team.

It’s in ways like these that cloud-based WFM is powering the current—and next—generation of CX. And it’s why only cloud empowers contact center managers to lead in a better, brand-new way.

Watch for upcoming blogs in this “CX Empowerment” series, where we’ll explore in more detail how cloud contact centers better empower agents than their on-prem counterparts, and how only the cloud can deliver the superior CX today’s weary customers have come to expect.

The new Calabrio ONE is powered by the cloud, with next-generation workforce management software at its center.

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