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Using customer ideas to create a better experience: the Calabrio Ideas Site

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of our product suite, and we always look for ways to improve their experiences. Customers can guide our development processes – through the Calabrio Product Ideas portal. Here’s how it works: Customers submit their product idea to the community, and other users vote, comment, question, and add to the idea. We regularly comb the community for hot topics and trends to inform our development.

They don’t need to jump in and comment right away – we encourage reviewing the other idea submissions in case someone else has already requested their idea. If an idea interests them, they can vote and add a comment with their use case or additional information. Voting is the best way for us to know which ideas our customers are most excited about, and we love to see the interaction among our customers.

Here are a few recent idea submissions that became actual product updates in Calabrio ONE:

Meeting flexibility

The idea: “My suggestion is when creating an occurrence, you could have an option to lock the recurrence details or not. If you open an occurrence the system could ask ‘Do you wish to change this occurrence or the whole series?’ and then changes don’t affect future bookings (just like in Outlook for example).”

The resolution: This is now released as part of our new ‘Meetings’ tool on the web. You are able to plan individual and team meetings for fixed times and edit those meetings for a single occurrence, all occurrences or all occurrences from a specific date and forward.

Change MyTime Password

The idea: Prompt users to change their default password at first time they logon to MyTime, that way they are not using the generic password and it is change to a stronger password.

The resolution: We are now introducing a new login solution for the new Calabrio ONE. As well as ensuring unified access to the new Calabrio WFM within the Calabrio ONE suite, the change also future proofs the platform for continued high security, compliance and scalability.

Have an idea? Let us know!

If you’re a current customer, your ideas are important to us and we take every one of them seriously. Your contributions are crucial to our mission and our success moving forward. Submit your idea, and comment/vote on other ideas, on our Ideas page within the Calabrio Success Center (login required).

If you’re still scouting us out, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to offer a demonstration.

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