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BI in the Contact Center Heats Up: Calabrio Expands Center for Excellence for Customer and Employee Engagement


According to Forrester, successful voice-of-the-customer programs should support a cycle of four activities: listen to customer feedback, interpret the resulting data, react to improve the experience, and monitor results.

In today’s era of big data, having access to data and effectively utilizing it to drive strategic business initiatives and deliver an exceptional customer experience represent significant challenges for companies. An analysis released by IDC predicts that the big data market will reach $150.8 billion valuation this year-and surpass $210 billion by 2020. However, 32 percent of executives say that massive amounts of data have made things worse, leaving companies struggling to turn customer data into effective sales and retention strategies.

Calabrio’s powerful WFO offerings help customers capture, analyze and leverage insights to drive business decisions and improve the customer experience. Our Center of Excellence brings the power of data science and business intelligence (BI) to customers through advanced visual reporting and analytics. In fact, one of the first offerings developed by the Center of Excellence was Calabrio Advanced Reporting, a complete BI platform for the contact center that integrates customer and business data from across an organization for easy reporting and analytics.

The growing market demand for Calabrio’s advanced contact center analytics and reporting solutions, along with the continued innovation by the Center for Excellence team based in Vancouver, has been instrumental in Calabrio’s success. The team has seen 100 percent growth since its April 2017 debut, and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. Due to this success, we are thrilled to announce the opening of a new Canadian headquarters office in Vancouver’s prestigious Financial District—the hub of the city’s vibrant tech scene.

We will be hosting an open house for customers, partners and employees on May 31, 2018 in the new Vancouver office to celebrate. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by! We’d love to see you there.

To learn more about how companies can utilize analytics to mine their customer data and then effectively communicate the importance of business intelligence in the contact center, view Calabrio’s webinar on demand: Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Richard McElroy, senior leader at Calabrio.
Richard McElroy leads Calabrio’s Center of Excellence for Analytics based in Vancouver, BC Canada, as well as Calabrio’s Innovation Center. He brings over 20 years of high tech and Business Intelligence software industry experience. As an experienced, hands-on senior leader, Richard is instrumental in evolving the development and marketing of Calabrio Advanced Reporting – a multi-tiered contact center Business Intelligence platform that delivers data integration, reporting, analytics and information management capabilities.
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