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Calling All Calabrio Superstars

From day one, we designed Calabrio ONE to quickly deliver tangible business value to contact centers around the world. From seamlessly handling fast-growing, inbound contact volumes and painlessly unifying disparate data sources to tapping rich voice of the customer (VoC) insights, users rely upon Calabrio to understand what their customers really want while benefitting from increased operational efficiencies.

Beyond the inherent value our technology delivers every day, forward-thinking contact center leaders prove time and again there are no limits on the dramatic business change that can be ignited when Calabrio ONE is used in new and innovative ways. They’re the ones truly driving the future of workforce optimization (WFO) and bringing to life more modern, better-engaged customer and employee experiences.

That’s why we launched our customer awards program in 2017: to recognize high-achieving companies using Calabrio ONE to drive innovation in the contact center and beyond.

We announced the second round of award winners at last year’s annual Calabrio Customer Conference (C3), and what an impressive, interesting group that was!

  • 2018 “Leader” Consumer Cellular saved money, significantly improved service levels and decreased abandon rates by using Calabrio ONE to manage agent schedules and automate critical contact center reporting.
  • As our 2018 “Optimizer,” LendingClub uses Calabrio ONE to drive efficiencies in its loan application review team, such as increasing loan decisions per hour and reducing turnaround time for borrowers.
  • Tiffany & Colanded the 2018 “Analyzer” award with a Calabrio ONE implementation that extracts and shares with management the real customer feedback needed to accurately identify new customer concerns, validate assumptions and properly allocate IT resources.
  • The 2018 “Globetrotter”—Young Living Essential Oils—relies on Calabrio to manage different agent languages, skill mappings and schedules across several countries, in order to quickly and easily manage global staffing needs while upholding its “member-first” core value.
  • 2018 “Converter” Paychex, Inc. streamlined its governance and standardization process by launching a unified, Calabrio-powered workforce management (WFM) platform now used by more than 1,000 employees across multiple divisions.
  • Sequential Technology International (STI)captured the 2018 “Trailblazer” award by incorporating agent-level performance and scheduling from Calabrio ONE with quality processes via a portal that drives PCI compliance, improves agent conformity, increases productivity, and enhances customer satisfaction measurements across the company’s domestic and international centers of excellence.
  • 2018 “Integrator” Rackspace connected disparate ticketing systems via Calabrio ONE’s cloud platform, making any needed system adjustments easy to identify and implement.
  • As our 2018 “Engager,” Radial a bpost company, used Calabrio ONE to unify data from disparate sources into a powerful analytics engine that empowers business users, decision makers and analysts to use valuable insights to drive change. Radial’s Nicole Price also took home the “Champion” award for invaluable contributions she’s made to improving the Calabrio ONE product suite while advocating on our behalf.


Now in our third year, the 2019 awards program will recognize eight companies and one individual at C3 (to be held in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 13-16, 2019) for the incredible work accomplished using Calabrio ONE to improve and advance the contact center industry:

  • The Optimizer makes the most of Calabrio’s WFO solutions to create unparalleled efficiencies in the contact center—across the board.
  • The Globetrotter’s successful WFO deployment spans countries and cultures, yet maintains interactions that are more streamlined than ever.
  • The Integrator creatively connects technology systems to turbocharge progress against any contact center goal.
  • The Leader is a preferred employer because it delivers a superior customer experience fueled by hyper-engaged agents and employees.
  • The Engager deploys innovative, fresh strategies to engage and retain customers.
  • The Converter is a WFO veteran demonstrating great success with Calabrio after suffering through a dissatisfying experience with another contact center technology.
  • The Humanizer award comes to Calabrio straight from our Teleopti acquisition and is new for 2019. This Teleopti WFM customer is on a mission to humanize its workforce with optimized agent engagement and performance that delivers the highest-quality customer experiences.
  • The Analyzer award will be changing this year. Calabrio’s new Analytics Competition will take the place of this award, and the contest will be held onsite at C3 2019.
  • The Champion is a member of Calabrio’s Champions Network who’s handpicked by Calabrio executives for this award based upon the outstanding advocacy he/she provided over the past year.


With so many interesting and compelling customer stories out there, we know selecting this year’s winners won’t be easy. Make sure you’re in the running—complete your award application today!

Ella McKown, Sr. Customer Marketing Specialist, is responsible for creating captivating moments for Calabrio customers. Ella works to amplify customer stories and foster relationships, while adding joy to our customers’ experience. She joined Calabrio in 2020 and has been a B2B tech marketer for six years. She holds a B.A. in Business Leadership and French from the University of Puget Sound.
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