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COMPANY: Radial, Inc.

INDUSTRY: Third-party (BPO) provider of omnichannel customer care

EMPLOYEES: Over 5,200

LOCATIONS: 7 worldwide customer care centers



Needed a better analytics platform to deliver more usable insights to internal agents and to Radial clients.


Radial uses Calabrio ONE, deployed in the cloud, to drive a sophisticated analytics program that delivers near-real time feedback on agent performance and enables robust customer-centric insights through the integration of third-party data with Calabrio data.

A Sentiment Analysis Success Story

Baseline findings with Sentiment Analysis, a new solution within Calabrio ONE, shocked the Radial team. “We had high rates of neutral sentiment,” says Price. Digging into the “why,” Radial identified key topics that correlated with less positive sentiment. The team built training materials to guide more positive phrasing, including team huddles, one-on-one coaching and reinforcement sessions with supervisors.

Just one week later, Radial saw positive sentiment jump from 17% to 93%, driving improvement in KPIs including customer satisfaction, customer effort, representative knowledge and representative demeanor. “The transformation was just so significant,” says Price. Radial now uses the training materials as best practice, putting Sentiment Analysis to use in other parts of the business to help drive more positive, more supportive conversations with customers.

Radial Builds Industry-Leading Analytics Program with Calabrio ONE



Radial improves efficiency with the deep functionality and insights offered by Calabrio ONE


“We’ve built our business on helping our clients deliver premier customer experiences,” says Nicole Price, customer experience manager at Radial, a business process outsourcer (BPO) that handles integrated commerce customer care (“everything after the click”) for a wide range of primarily retail brands, “We’re always looking for tools to take those experiences to the next level.” A few years ago, that drive for improvement led Radial to Calabrio ONE. Today, the complete Calabrio ONE suite drives Radial’s multichannel, multi-client contact center—including a sophisticated analytics program that’s garnered national recognition and is dramatically elevating customer experiences for the many brands Radial represents.
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A Contact Center at a Crossroads

In 2014, Radial found itself at an inflection point: “Our clients were asking us for more data and more usable information,” says Robin Gomez, director of data analytics at Radial, “We knew we needed a better analytics platform.” Their requirements—100% call recording, remote agent enablement and flexible licensing as well as the robust data integration, reporting and analytics capabilities their clients were demanding— narrowed their sights on a cloud-based contact center analytics solution.

Stepping Up to Calabrio ONE

After a formal RFP process, Price and Gomez surveyed their options. “Comparing Calabrio to competitors,” says Gomez, “I was pretty impressed—not only with what was available, but with what was going to be available.” Calabrio ONE fit Radial’s core functionality requirements. It fit the bill from an economical standpoint. “And we were also excited by how receptive Calabrio is to customer feedback,” adds Gomez.

Putting Calabrio ONE to Work

“Deploying Calabrio ONE has enabled Radial to take our analysis to an entirely new level,” says Price, “and we are just scratching the surface.” Here are a few of the ways Radial uses Calabrio ONE:


Calabrio ONE’s out-of-the-box dashboards allowed Radial to immediately begin using the tool to enhance QM. Machine learning-driven analytics score 100% of customer interactions (versus just 1-3% before Calabrio). In addition to labor savings through automation, “we get a score for every single call,” says Price, “so we can correlate with other data within Calabrio.”


Radial leverages Calabrio’s Data Explorer feature to monitor agent performance, identifying time management issues, struggles with systems or resources, and signs of agent burnout. Calabrio ONE also gives agents near-real time performance feedback with personalized dashboards, benchmarking and gamification features. “They can see things from the customer’s point of view,” says Gomez. “And we can help them take the next step in their performance,” adds Price.


Calabrio ONE assists Radial teams in understanding how their many clients’ brands and customer bases differ. This analysis is not a one-time function. “Organizations and brands change,” says Gomez, “and Calabrio gives us that customer feedback so we know how to respond to change—so we can be nimble.”


Calabrio ONE integrates third-party metadata sources from Radial’s internal tools, as well as clients’ third-party systems—for example, integrating customer data from Salesforce and third-party post-interaction surveys. “We’re able to drive it all to one place and connect all that data back to the voice of the customer—enabling our agents and our clients to see those connections,” says Price.


Radial uses Data Explorer to deliver highly customized, near-real-time reports to clients. “We can give our clients better insights, faster,” says Price. Radial correlates third-party data with Calabrio’s robust VoC data—even automating many reports. “It’s an easy button,” says Gomez.


Several Radial business units beyond the contact center are seeing the impact of Calabrio ONE analytics tools. Thanks to intuitive dashboards that eliminate the need for specialized data analysts, the contact center team is able to investigate key issues and distill easy-to-understand findings they can share throughout the business. “It’s also easy to get our clients into Calabrio, using the tools themselves” says Price. “It’s the democratization of information,” concludes Gomez.

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