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Why Random Sampling Alone is Not Enough to Ensure Contact Center Quality

Having worked in the contact center industry for many years, I’ve become very familiar with how important random call sampling is to quality assurance. It’s a practice that most, if not all, contact center leaders rely on to measure agent performance and ensure quality customer service. Still, it’s also rather limited in what it can […]

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Keeping Your Business Out of Regulatory Trouble with Analytics

  Every company understands the critical importance of regulatory compliance.   The consequences of being found out of compliance with regulations such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley include lengthy audits, hefty fines, lawsuits and customer distrust. These ramifications are dire and can threaten the long-term viability of an organization. But even with the best of intentions, […]

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Employee empowerment – not a worn-out buzzword

Has "employee empowerment" become a worn-out buzzword or over-used contact-center cliché? Absolutely not! Let's go back to the heart of the meaning of the term "empowerment." Then let's review the millennial mindset in order to understand what empowerment means to them. Finally, let's reiterate why doing everything in your power to promote agent empowerment is [...]
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Mind the gap! Seasonal working in contact centers

Tommy Palomäki, Senior WFM Consultant, Calabrio explains from his own experience how workforce management puts you in control of the busiest summer periods Soaring temperatures and a bit of sunshine are great news for business as sales of sausages, barbecues and ice-cream rocket and holiday resorts benefit from the mad rush for last-minute trips to [...]
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What Cable Providers Can Teach Your Business About Customer Service

When it comes to delivering excellent customer service, most people would say the cable industry isn’t exactly a shining example of customer satisfaction. Historically, their reputation in this arena has been acceptable at best, and more often described as “nightmarish.” So if you’re wondering what you could possibly learn from reading this—don’t worry, I’ll explain. […]

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Contact centers – digitalize…or die

Digital transformation in the Contact Center: this was the topic that I presented in the Dominican Republic recently. Now, you may say to yourself " Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before." However, the audience reacted positively upon hearing some striking – even astonishing – facts that I laid out. I'd like to share some [...]
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Meet a Machine Learning Engineer: Q&A with Sean Matthews

For my final installment of our Q&A series, I chatted with Sean Matthews, machine learning engineer, about how he’s applying his academic background in psychology and cognitive science to real-world business problems. Keep reading to learn how Sean’s expertise in natural language processing is translating into voice-of-the-customer insights for Calabrio customers.   Q: You have […]

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News Flash: The Next Generation Wants Digital Communication

Our world is digital and there’s no getting around it. We trip over it everywhere—people are on their laptops, phones and tablets searching the web, surfing social networks and downloading apps, all while walking down the street. This digital generation is also making strong judgments about the quality of service they’re receiving from brands on […]

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