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WFH: The New Normal for Contact Centers Post-Pandemic?

At some point, contact centers will return to a “new normal” post-pandemic. We may not know yet how that new normal will look. And it likely will look differently from one contact center to the next. But one thing is for sure: work from home (WFH) will play a much bigger role—in a much shorter […]

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How COVID-19 Is Testing My Leadership Skills and What It Is Teaching Me Along the Way – a Weekly Update (Week Five)

Here at Calabrio, like many companies, we are entering our eighth week working from home. For a team where the majority are based in an office environment, we have now passed the phase where working from home is an experimental novelty. By now, we have settled in. We have created new routines, made decisions about […]

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4 Distance Learning Tips from Homeschoolers for Busy Contact Center Agents

Unless you were trained as a teacher—or are married to one—this distance learning situation so many of us find ourselves in might be testing even the most hardened resolve. In fact, I’ve heard some parents go so far as referring to it as “an extreme sport.” Yet there are people who teach their kids from […]

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4 Key Ways to Keep New WFH Contact Center Agents Happy and Engaged

More contact center agents than ever are working from home (WFH) right now. And they’re facing more than their fair share of WFH challenges—including sharing home office space with other family members and splitting their focus during work hours between job duties, childcare needs and distance learning demands. The result? Fractured attention spans, rising exhaustion, [...]
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How COVID-19 Is Testing My Leadership Skills and What It Is Teaching Me Along the Way – a Weekly Update (Week Four)

In my last weekly update on the leadership lessons learned during COVID-19, I discussed overcommunication: the idea that leaders need to set the tone for our managers, offer flexibility and resources for our employees, and visibly participate in meetings and our more lighthearted company virtual events and challenges. This week, instead of exploring how we […]

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How COVID-19 Is Testing My Leadership Skills and What It Is Teaching Me Along the Way – a Weekly Update (Week Three)

Last week, I talked about some of the inspiring ways our customers are tackling the challenge of coronavirus and strategies Calabrio is using to aid our customer network. Staying positive can be difficult now, and that’s why sharing positive stories from our network is so important. As leaders, our role is to help our people […]

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Stay Connected With Customers During Uncertain Times with Calabrio and Amazon

With the spread of COVID-19, customer service teams are leaving traditional contact centers to work remotely and promote social distancing. Staying connected and responsive to customers under these circumstances can be challenging; access to a cloud-based contact center can be critical to resolving the new influx of cases and maintaining business continuity. Read our complete […]

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How to Juggle Remote Customer Service with Distance Learning Needs

Working from home for the first time as a customer service agent can be a mind shift. Add in new responsibilities as a distance learning instructor for your children—the situation in which so many of us find ourselves right now—and that so-called mind shift could make some feel like their heads might explode. We’re here […]

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