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5 trends in call center quality management

Call centre technology is evolving rapidly. With each advancement, emerging strategies promise to push quality management to the next level—delivering new value to the call center and across the entire enterprise. Here are five trends that are changing the way QM is delivered—and revealing new ways organisations can capitalise to create better outcomes for their [...]
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CX Training, Part 4: Cloud Better Prepares Teams for Whatever Tomorrow Brings

In my first three “CX Training” blogs, I explained how cloud is the catalyst for better overall education in the contact center because it promotes better, more effective new-hire curriculum and fosters better real-time coaching and continual development. In this last blog of the series, I dig deeper into how cloud better prepares teams for [...]
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CX Training, Part 3: Cloud Fosters Better Real-Time Coaching and Continual Development

In my last “CX Training” blog, I explained how cloud-based contact centre and training technologies help brands better retain the loyalty of increasingly fickle customers because they enable an entirely new realm of new-hire training and coaching possibilities. Cloud-based apps also, however, drive an increasingly rich array of benefits for the real-time coaching and continual [...]
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State of the Contact Center 2021: Cloud Is Here

As the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the digital transformation timeline across the business world, one estimate suggests we collectively crammed 5.3 years of digital transformation activity into the first half of 2020. Contact centers grew more critical to business success as organizations relied on them to nurture customer relationships through fluctuating service levels and an evolving [...]
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CX Training, Part 2: Cloud Promotes Better, More Effective New-Hire Curriculum

In my first blog of this “CX Training” series, I asserted that organisations still relying upon on-prem contact centre and training technologies will be ill-equipped to capture, nurture and retain the loyalty of today’s pandemic-weary consumers. Cloud-based contact centre and training apps, on the other hand, significantly enhance and expand what’s possible when it comes [...]
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Preparing for life after COVID-19: Starting with your employees

When the Enterprise Research Centre surveyed 1,000 companies across the UK, the results were enlightening and somewhat heartening.  While many firms saw their turnover fall by 42% and employment levels drop by 30%, others managed to grow despite COVID-19. Surprisingly a fifth (21%) of respondents saw positive impacts of the pandemic with 17% citing the […]

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CX Training, Part 1: Cloud is the Catalyst for Better Education in the Contact Center

One undeniable impact of COVID-19: impatient, exhausted and sometimes desperate consumers expect much more of the customer service teams with which they engage. And, if dissatisfied with the experience, they’re much more likely to promptly take their business elsewhere. That’s why many contact center leaders consider agent and CX training to be one of their […]

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Making the Move to Cloud in Contact Centers: 3 Key Questions to Ask

As economies recover following the Coronavirus Pandemic cloud-based contact centers will become standard – that’s the verdict of over 300 contact center professionals when asked about the future of their industry. Even before anyone had heard of COVID-19, the shift was happening but the acute pressures of managing virtualized home-working teams while meeting rising customer [...]
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