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The Connected Enterprise: 3 ways to turn theory into practice

In our first two blogs in this series, we set out to define what it really means to be a Connected Enterprise, identifying the top three characteristics that all connected organizations share. We discovered how Connected Enterprises enjoy far higher levels of workforce and customer engagement than their peers. At the same time, they share [...]
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What’s stopping you from becoming a Connected Enterprise?

In our last blog, we established what it means to be a Connected Enterprise and the benefits such connectedness brings. We then discovered how everyone gains, from employees to customers. We learned how the secret to success lies in promoting a Connected Enterprise ethos that enables everyone, regardless of department, function or job role, to [...]
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Crunching the numbers: Reveal the ROI of switching to intelligent, automated WFM

Measuring the return of investment for any application can be a tricky endeavor. It starts with an agreement on the organizational vision—what are you working to achieve? The touchpoints that you create along the customer journey can help clarify this vision – but then you’ll also need the data to back it up. When looking […]

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What’s Next for Contact Centers That Moved to the Cloud During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 health crisis has accelerated digital transformation like never before. Contact centers too have reached an important turning point as organizations rely on them to nurture customer relationships and support an evolving work-from-home environment. Agility is the name of the game and has prompted a widespread move to the cloud. When Calabrio surveyed 273 [...]
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Plotting the right (Green)Path: Calabrio Customer is a Finalist in the 2021 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards

Leadership has certainly had its challenges this past year—as face-to-face meetings have been replaced with virtual interactions and team camaraderie turned into sending emojis over chat. Albeit the hurdles, we’re proud to announce one of these leaders has been recognized by ICMI as a stand-out manager. David Flores from GreenPath Financial Wellness is named a [...]
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When Plan Meets Reality: Calabrio Named a Visionary for the Fifth Consecutive Year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

There’s something to be said for planning ahead. But no one was planning for a pandemic. Or were we?   On the surface, Calabrio and our customers were planning for a continued shift to a hybrid workforce, more agent autonomy and flexibility in scheduling. We were planning for a cloud-first infrastructure that would enable fast scalability, [...]
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3 Top Characteristics of a Connected Enterprise

Meeting rapidly changing customer expectations in the new world of remote work demands far higher levels of agility from organizations everywhere—and places an even greater focus on improving customer service.  As businesses prepare to take advantage of a revitalized global economy, the phrase ‘we are all in it together’ applies to everyone—not just the contact [...]
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Harnessing CCaaS and CRM solutions: What’s the missing link?

When Calabrio surveyed over 300 contact centre professionals, the most effective way to improve employee engagement moving forward was quoted to be giving people the ‘right tools and tech’. This comes as no surprise as agents regularly contend with 20+ different desktop applications to serve customers. In today’s connected world “my system is running slow […]

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