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Out with the old, in with the new – 5 old habits to consign to history

According to Jeremy Hamill-Keays, old habits are hard to break and the use of technology is no different. Here, he recommends 5 approaches to contact center management that can be consigned to history. Innovation is everywhere and it can seem as if we’re constantly encouraged to take on more and more technology to lower costs, [...]
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Contact Center Forecasting: Tougher than Predicting the Weather?

I sometimes ask myself why I didn’t become a meteorologist. Think about it: in what other role can you be incorrect so frequently and still have a job? It’s not like anyone can blame the meteorologist or point their finger at them when they’re wrong. It is, after all, the weather. “Predicting the location and […]

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Contact Centers: 4 Common Myths About Cloud Security

As a contact center leader, you’ve likely been asked at some point how your department uses “the cloud.” And, while most contact centers do leverage one or more cloud-based applications, many leaders still are wary of its use. After all, its very name is nebulous, and even some technical people remain uncertain exactly how this […]

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Omni-channels, BI, AI, Robots, Chatbots… Are You up to Speed?

Think of workforce management (WFM) as a cockpit with instruments, indicating how your flight or – in this context – “business” is going. Without WFM, you’re practically flying in the dark - if not blindly so! Where are you headed exactly? What’s going on? What should you do? What decisions should be made? Tremendous development [...]
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5 Goals to Improve Call Center Performance

Have you made your New Year resolutions yet? As I thought about my own, I also thought about the top things contact centers could do to improve in the coming year. As a result, here’s my take on the top five contact center resolutions for 2018. 1. Put your agents first. Research shows today’s contact […]

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Is Your Contact Center Doing Enough to Retain Customers? [Infographic]

CMOs agree that customer retention is one of the most critical measures of a brand’s health. So why do less than half of senior leaders believe their customer experience is “satisfactory or better?” Understanding the customer has always been critical for business growth, but the evolution of customer expectations and increased cost of losing a […]

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Brand Loyalty Starts with the Contact Center

The nature of the buyer journey is changing. As digital communication channels continue to emerge, brands need new ways to make personal connections with customers. Contact center agents make up the front line of personalized communication, and marketers should recognize and encourage their role in the new customer experience. According to our recent survey, “The […]

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The Magnificent Seven – A review of Workforce Management in 2017

Olle Düring looks back at an exciting year with a round-up of the 7 hottest topics affecting customers and contact centers. Things are looking up for WFM in contact centers if the bold statement by DMG Consulting is anything to go by. President Donna Fluss says that “after more than 20 years of little innovation, [...]
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