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Selecting Agent Management Solutions – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Ross Daniels at Calabrio looks at the recently published 2022 Agent Management Value Index Report from analyst firm Ventana Research, for insights into how to structure software selection processes – to help organizations pose the right questions to get the right answers. In its recent report, Ventana Research came to the conclusion that, “The pandemic [...]
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Make Sure Your Contact Center Agents Know You Love Them

Are you looking for more ways to increase your contact center agent appreciation? A fun way to show your agents you love them is by using the five love languages. In his 1995 book, “The Five Love Languages,” relationship guru, Gary Chapman, outlines the five ways to express and experience love. These “love languages” include [...]
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Level Up Your Contact Center Performance with BI in 2022

Standing in the first part of a new year, there is a new chance to evolve your contact center. Our CEO, Tom Goodmanson, recently identified some of the major trends that we've seen leading into this year. I wanted to highlight a few of those trends, and show how enhancements in Business Intelligence can help [...]
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Make Every Day “Game Day” in Your Contact Center

If you have sports fans, or family of sports fans, working in your contact center, the biggest topic of conversation in your team this week will likely be around the upcoming big game. Every February, players run around a patch of grass in search of their ultimate reward. This work is the culmination of dedicating [...]
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5 Ways to Banish Complexity in the Contact Center

In my last article I discussed how to keep things simple in contact center operations and introduced the importance of incorporating a human-centered approach to operational thinking, processes and technology. Now it’s time to take a look at how to translate theory into practical steps for success. Read on to explore some helpful tips to [...]
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Contact Center Operations: Keep It Simple, Keep It Human

Many believe modern contact centers have become far too complex. Call center leaders need to balance scheduling, forecasting, keeping the team engaged, and meeting service levels. In a world where ‘work from anywhere’ has become the norm, how do organizations manage a remote workforce with contact center operations? The growth of digital platforms has merely [...]
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The Smart Approach to Resolving Complexity in Contact Centers

Contact centers have been investing in sophisticated, omnichannel technologies for well over a decade. The shift to the cloud has also been happening over time and accelerated significantly in early 2020. As this significant shift continues to occur, there needs to be a push to also resolve complexity in contact centers. The power of cloud [...]
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3 Ways to Win the Technology Tug-of-War

In our last blog, we revealed how customers crave speed, convenience, and emotional empathy when interacting with their favorite brands. This is a paradox that threatens the status quo of today’s contact center. These double-edged customer expectations also present a unique opportunity to empower agents and enhance CX. The time is now to win the [...]
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