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How to Embrace the Double-Edged Expectations of Your Customers

For brands and businesses seeking to navigate rising customer expectations over the past year, an interesting paradox has emerged. Today’s consumers now seek the gold-plated speed and convenience of the e-commerce world without sacrificing the human touch. This reflects the findings of a PricewaterhouseCoopers consumer survey. This survey revealed the four most important factors in [...]
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How Generation Z Employees Will Save the World

Every generation brings to the workplace a set of characteristics that are shaped by the events and cultural norms of the day. Take Generation Z, Gen Z, or Zoomers as they are fondly called. Born between 1997 and 2015, Generation Z employees account for nearly 25% of today’s workforce. While it shares the advantages of [...]
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Work-Life Balance Is a Big Problem for Contact Centers

The hardest part of any contact-center business is balancing what employees need against what it takes to keep customers satisfied. Contact center leaders run into this same dilemma time and again. How can they balance a business model that demands 24/7 customer service while honoring the work-life commitments made to agents? This constant push/pull scenario [...]
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A Glimpse Into 2022: How Can Contact Centers Plan Ahead?

There have been many changes of the last couple of years in the contact center industry. Let's take a look at lessons learned in order to plan for the future of the call center in 2022. Hybrid working, The Great Resignation, and digital transformation are buzz terms that swarmed the contact center industry in 2021. [...]
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Agent Wellbeing: Flexibility Is About More Than Where an Agent Works

With the increased digitalization of contact centers, there has been a growing need for workplace flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the workplace. This essential strategy continues to help leaders preserve and strengthen customer satisfaction, contact center operations, and agent wellbeing during times of great upheaval. In modern call centers, more and more employees [...]
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5 Ways Workforce Management Can Save You Money

As a contact center leader, you need to consistently meet customer service expectations while staying within budget. A key factor in achieving both objectives is effective workforce management (WFM) solutions. After all, these resources account for a significant part of your contact center’s full operating budget and are key customer satisfaction drivers. It stands to reason [...]
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Automated Assistants: 6 Ways to Simplify Your Chatbot Strategy

When combined with the latest Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, automated assistants have the power to improve so many facets of your contact centers. This includes workforce flexibility, employee satisfaction, and the customer experience all in one go. Reports indicate their influence is set to continue especially among the younger generation. Most recently, Calabrio surveyed over [...]
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What Agents Want in the Era of “The Great Resignation”

You’ve likely heard much about the “Great Resignation” (or “Great Reshuffling”) lately. Essentially, employees are reassessing the impact of their jobs on work/life balance, mental health, and overall life goal fulfillment. No industry has been spared from this phenomenon, especially the contact center industry. In fact, a Gallup analysis early in 2021 found that nearly [...]
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