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The Top Trend to Change Our Industry in the Next Five Years

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We think about analytics frequently at Calabrio. We think about how to improve the use of data, how best to implement analytics strategies, and how to make that data work in meaningful ways for businesses like yours.

It’s not just because we’re data lovers (we are!), it’s because we know analytics is the key to unlocking what’s been so close yet so out of reach for so long—the voice of the customer.

Every day businesses collect an enormous amount of data from their customers from various channels – including the contact center – with technologies such as Calabrio ONE. Left to sit in a database, the data is not very useful. But with the help of analytics, data can be broken down and analyzed in ways that highlight relevant trends and outliers.

This type of data analysis allows companies to deliver better, more personalized customer experiences—something Forrester argues is a business’s only real competitive differentiator. As companies compete to gain a more intimate understanding of their customers and deliver even more personalized experiences, analytics will be at the heart of it all.

In fact, analytics was voted as the top trend to change the contact center in Dimension Data’s 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report. Considering how much we love customer analytics here at Calabrio, we weren’t surprised. However, what was surprising was that, even though the advantages of analytics are so clear, the report noted that more than 49% of organizations say they don’t share customer intelligence outside of the contact center. That means nearly half of all businesses currently investing in analytics aren’t getting the full value because they aren’t connecting to or collaborating with the larger enterprise.

We see this as an area of immediate opportunity for businesses, and a sign that organizations have not realized the full potential of analytics. We also believe that the businesses who start sharing contact center data across the organization will be the companies that create the highly personalized journey that customers are looking for. Integrated organizations will win the loyalty of customers, while those that stay siloed will lose.

It’s time to break down departmental walls and start giving customers the experience and service they’re looking for. It’s time to integrate contact center analytics with the enterprise.

Learn more about how analytics can help departments from across your business extract meaning from customer data.

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