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CX Training, Part 4: Cloud Better Prepares Teams for Whatever Tomorrow Brings

In my first three “CX Training” blogs, I explained how cloud is the catalyst for better overall education in the contact center because it promotes better, more effective new-hire curriculum and fosters better real-time coaching and continual development.

In this last blog of the series, I dig deeper into how cloud better prepares teams for whatever tomorrow brings—something we’ve all learned is a criticality given everything that’s happened in the last year.

It really comes down to two key elements:

Cloud lets you build deeper, purpose-driven training for any situation.

Contact center teams are designed to provide for a specific customer experience (CX), and it’s this CX around which core agent training programs are typically built. It’s a solid strategy for ensuring the CX your agents deliver meets the product or service requirements of your organisation. But it doesn’t necessarily give you a strong foundation for nimbly pivoting when the unexpected occurs.

With cloud-based training and contact center applications, you can train and coach your teams to reach whatever level is needed to meet your CX goals—no matter what occurs. That’s because they let you develop richer, more unique curriculum that precisely addresses specific situations faced by different CX teams or external factors beyond your control. You could, for example, create more customised, in-depth training and coaching for a team that deals with only one product line or one that services only angry customers.

Cloud also lets anyone create—and deliver—training.

Corporate trainers are an invaluable asset for every contact center. But only by democratising agent education—by empowering anyone to build curriculum and train other agents—can you future-proof your contact center teams for whatever inevitability lurks ahead of them.

With this kind of training freedom, you no longer have to be a professional trainer to create and deliver agent training. Instead, your product or process subject matter experts (SMEs)—whose innate knowledge corporate trainers often tap when building new coursework—can develop and present curriculum that focuses on their area of expertise.

By augmenting your existing corporate training program with cloud-driven, SME-led, scenario-specific courses, you speed the rate at which a variety of important courses can be built and refreshed. You enable your teams to nimbly respond and adjust to any unexpected situation, on-the-fly. And you perhaps even avoid a few, oncoming pitfalls along the way.

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